Hi! Newbie problem!

Hi! Newbie problem!


I'm new to the forums... and I have a couple of questions which I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to answer them...

Can I see people's profiles? ... so far, I'm told I'm not allowed even though my account has been activated... is this some forum rule? I can edit my profile but I can't visit/see it... and I tried to PM Jeff but that came up with the same 'you can't do that' message... I was just wondering is this normal too? Can you start visiting profiles later or something?

Thank you in advance for all your help! God Bless!!!!

:D :fish:

Pastor Gary

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Correctamundo - 5 forum posts and the entire world of CFS behind the scenes opens up for you... :)

Welcome to CFS and God Bless.

Pastor Gary -
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Thank you! Oooh... exciting! Better get posting then!

Also.. yeay... I've found another person who says correctamundo!

Thank you all again! :D