hi there! - [AKA Standard Forum opening]

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hi there! - [AKA Standard Forum opening]

Hi everyone, my name is Gary and im from the UK...

this is my first time in a christian forum, i hope to make some friends, get support in my walk with God, and to help others in their own walk.

umm... im not the most confident of people, but im pretty open, and i have never yet turned anyone away :).

Im also Autistic, so doing this kind of thing is hard for me, but we all need to break our fears and get out of our comfort zones... or so i read :eek:

anyhoo, i hope people reply, LOL.
Hi and :welcome:
Great to have you with us.
I am sure that you will soon make loads of friends as we really are a friendly bunch.
If you need help just ask.

And Welcome to CFS. Sounds like you know a little about computers, do ya? I loved your testimony about how you were rescued from darkness! I found Christ right here on this forum. Boanerges explained to me how to surrender my life to Christ and I've discovered many new blessings every day since then and made lots of new friends. I know you will enjoy sharing here. Bonnie
Hi there Bonnie!

i know a little about computers, though i am currently being humbled, my current project has shown me my (current) limitations :eek:

i have had my ups and downs since my conversion, but i am glad i was saved, it is such a good thing to know im no longer my own man! i'd only manage to muck things up LOL!
Hey, there, Aspie! Sorry, got no time today, just checking in on a few things before I head out to the store.
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