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Hi there

I'm in New Zealand, it's the middle of winter now, but still reasonably nice weather where I live. My work in the physical realm at the moment is breeding dairy cows, which I'm doing because that's what I really like. We lease a farm and because we love animals we take the opportunity to keep lots of pets: dogs, cats, birds, fish, hens, horses, cows of course, and maybe others which I can't think of just now.

My wife works in town, and as I'm self-employed I'm able to homeschool our four boys aged 1 to 14. This is almost too much for me but I can't stand the thought of putting the kids in State School. We go to a local denominational church, although I don't have much time for denominations as such I know it's essential to meet with local believers and we enjoy meeting with the group we're with.

I see this forum as a valuable source of knowledge, where so many people of different backgrounds share their understanding of spiritual things, the sum of that knowledge must be a good check and balance to our own. So many Christians that study too much on their own seem to go a bit nutty, and really hard and harsh and generally difficult to get on with. I'm not very comfortable with forums, it seems that no matter how carefully a thing is worded, a certain percentage of readers will always misunderstand it. Usually after writing a thing I wish I'd said it better, or later on I wish I'd never said it, as it seems impossible to word a thing just right. That's where this forum seems so good, as there seems to be more understanding and tolerance. The Rules and Reg's and Member Survival Guide is certainly comprehensive, the trick is to remember it all.

Hello Andrew and welcome.
Gosh you are certainly a busy man !
Hope you enjoy it here and find some rest for your soul.
God bless
W E L C O M E ! ! ~

Yeah, Missunderstandings happen... That's why You just write what you can and pray others understand. =/


We are pleased to have you here with us Andrew!:)
Welcome to the forum! This is indeed a great place, full of love and compassion and understanding of others foibles! One of the best forums I've ever been on! I like to use smilies to get the feeling that I want across. Helps cut down on misunderstandings.:D

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