Hi everyone....and thank you for allowing me to join your forum. My name is Donna and I am a 32 year old Christian. I am a proud Navy wife and mother of an 11 year old boy. I was brought up Catholic but left the church when I was 14 (my dad said it was up to me to get confirmed in the church or find my own path...I chose to wait till I was ready). I strayed for many years and went through a lot of heart ache and pain in my life. If anyone want to hear my whole story please let me know....it is long but I have found inspiring to some who have lost their way and want to find their way back. After a failed engagement, having a baby out of wedlock, marrying said babies father and then divorcing (luckly not married in the church so it was annulled) and then finally marring in the church a man who is wonderful and christian I have found my way back. My husbad was also a catholic but we chose to find a christian church to go to instead (nothing wrong with the Catholic church...just not for us). We are now active members in our church and finding our way back to christ. I am new to reading the Bible and praying so any advise would be very welcomed. Thanks again for letting me be apart of this forum....so far what I have read has been very helpful. :heart:
Welcome to the forum Gaeta.

You say you are new to reading the Bible and praying so any advice would be very welcomed?

The only advice I can think of is… read the Bible and pray… God will guide you.