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I am happy to find a strictly moderated CHRISTIAN site...

I am indeed a very thankful Christian; for the past 23 years. The Lord has led me into worship ministry and encourage the brethren to worship God together as we follow our Lord Jesus Christ. :heart:

I was saved and immediately led to into ministry and then onto several churches where brothers and sisters in Christ love one another and seek to share the saving faith in Christ that they have found. I am currently worshipping but not ministering in a church; sitting and loving Him so to speak...thankful for the fellowship of other believers who so love the Word of God and seek to serve the Lord with their whole hearts.

So nice to meet you....

Pastor Gary

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Hi, Worshipper - nice to have you with us to fellowship, to share and to learn... we look forward to your participation.

May God bless.

Thank you all for the warm welcome and encouragement to fellowship with you...

I have to admit; that I truly admire the concept of a "truly Christians-only forum" that is strictly monitored. I feel safer and not like I will be banished or labeled for having a slightly different thought on how to love and serve Him. I too have found that there are Christian forums that seem to have forgotten what the grace of God and the fellowship of the saints is all about. However odd we all may be to each other at times; we have Christ Jesus as our center...He is what binds us together; not doctrine and certainly not our "beliefs"...Christ and Him alone. He is the One whom we rest in and trust for salvation.

Thank you again...it is my pleasure to be here with you...
Welcome Worshipper, I'm fairly new here as well. I too wanted a Christians-only site, and CFS came up #1 on google. So far I've really enjoyed being here. We can share and learn, encourage and be encouraged.
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