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hi :)

well my story is kinda long so ill try to keep it brief. when i was little my family went to church every sunday and all that, then my dad killed him self and we just stoped going to church i never found out why untill i was about 15 or 16 and it turned out the pastor asked my mom to stop going to the church we went to. when i was about 12 (2 yrs after my dad killed him self) i became an athiest no matter what any one said they could not convince me there was a God, i mean if there was how could he let such a young, innocent child suffer so much? shortly there after i started doing drugs and smoking wich carried on untill i was 16 when i had a very bad experience with hash oil and ironicly that probably saved my life. after i stoped doing drugs i started to have suicidal thoughts and october of 2004 i came very close to going through with it. just as i was going to start writing the letter explaining why i killed my self i came across a christian forum so i decided i could have a bit of fun and cause trouble there. once again my plans didnt quite work out (that wasnt a very good night for my plans thats the second one that failed in a matter of minutes). instead of me causing trouble i ended up meeting the person who would bring me back to God, for months we talked in to the wee hours of the morning about any thing. she pointed out scripture and was there for me pretty much any time i needed some one to talk to. not to long after that i ended up buying Passion of the Christ, i have only watched it once and dont think i could bring my self to do it again, iafter that is when i really gave my life to the Lord. now if i remember corectly it was april 24 2005 when i got baptized once again it happend because of people i met on that forum. i hadnt been to church in a long time and i didnt really know any one that did so one of my friends in texas actually managed to contact some one where i lived (british columbia at that point) and got me in touch with him. not to long after joining i was made a moderator there but due to conflicts with the admin and the direction the forum was going i ended up leaving about 2 yrs after joining.
Welcome dear Brother. Praise God that you are found :)

Why did your dad kill himself? because the pastor told them to stop going to their church? is that really the reason? and why would he tell them to stop going to church :S ?
well i dont know all of the reasons (not like any one does really) but i will tell what i do know. i guess when my dad was around 16 or 17 he was sexually assulted by his bus driver who then took him to disney land in order to bribe him in to not telling any one. on top of that when he was just a few years old his dad walked out because he did not want to help my grandma take care of her other kids at that point in time she had 3 other children and the two other two men my grandma had kids with were rather abusive towards him from what i was told. when he was 18/19 he was in and out of jail for beating his pregnant girl friend (he actually did that in order to go to jail dont ask me why i am really not to sure on the details). after he got out of jail he met my mom (i think thats when they met each other) and moved to calgary after living there for8 yrs (i was 4 at the time) in 1990 they moved back to my moms home town and a year or so after that we started going to church. not to long after that when i was about 8 my dad started to become highly abusive to me and my mom but for what ever reason not my brother. he then thretened to kill him self and my mom kicked him out. not to long after that he went to the pastor of our church to get help with his problems from when he was a kid and the pastor then asked him not to come back to the church. after that he started going to a different church and changed once again in to the kind caring loving dad. me and my brother managed to convince my mom to take him back again and let him live with us that went ok for a year or so then he went back to being abusive and suicidal and my mom kicked him out again. that would have been around the start of 1996. the november 12 of 1996 around 7 or 8pm he came by our place and said he was moving back to calgary and we would not see him again. i was just a little over 10 at that time and i looked him in the eye and all i said was "no your not, your going to kill your self " that went on for about 20min or so and he left. woke up the next morning and there was 2 police in the living room talking to my mom (one was a homicide detective) and they explaned to me that he killed him self told me how he did it and all that. that hole time me and my mom and brother were still going to the same church after the funeral (nov21 wich also happens to be my neices b-day...) the pastor asked my mom to not go back to that church.



not really but wow ! May God be with your family

By the way, what kind of a pastor is that :S I understand maybe your dad did something to him but your mom and you, did you do anything to that pastor to have kicked you out of that church ?


I am sorry for your loss and your pain Chris.

Welcome, Chris! We are so glad you are here!
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