hi, i was raised catholic and I attended a catholic primary/high school. I was never one to take religion very seriously (or anything else for that matter) but recent events in my life have led me here.

I also hope to achieve clarity and find acceptable answers to some of my questions.
Welcome! I grew up Catholic and wanted to be the first American Pope. Then I read the bible for myself and "saw" the light so to speak. Ask any question and you'll get 100 different answers. So if we get all the information from the source (word of God - aka Bible) we'll be set. :)
Hi goggles and welcome to CFS. The best Christian online community on the planet :D

Hope to hear more from you - Do tell us more about yourself?

Hello and welcome! I do agree that this is the place to be if you're looking for a Christian community online.

I pray that you can find the peace and clarity that you are searching for.