I'm new to this forum, and I must admit I'm a bit nervous. What on earth am I allowed to do? And not allowed to do? Am I allowed to state my veiws on certain matters, and have friendly debates? :confused: How friendly are the people on here? Will people be nice to me? Do people on here accept other people's veiws?

Pointless questions, yes, but I am nervous. Partly because I'm probably younger than most of the people on this forum.

Anyway, please visit my new blog which is here, and comment on it. :)


Jerusha you are most welcome here- this is a nice place to discuss our Christian faith, our lives and lots of other topics. I suggest you take a tour of the place and you will get a feel for the family atmosphere we have here- many blessings in Jesus Name - brother Larry
Jerusha, I am new also, but from my observation people here seem very friendly and open. I have seen a couple of debates in threads and they are done in very intelligent and respectful manners. My guess would be that you are free to voice your opinion as long as it is done in a non-combative, non-provocative manner. The fact that you are concerned about it is a good thing, because it already shows that you are thinking of others rather than allowing your ego to rule. I am sure that you will be just fine here and find the people friendly. :)


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Hello, Jerusha!:)
You are welcome!!!
God bless you!!!