His Cross is Heavy

Feb 11, 2019
Glen Rock, PA
Just written Cross is heavy

Come on now pick back up that cross we’re to carry

No need to fear being a living sacrifice for Jesus Christ

He’s already done the heavy lifting

Why living so stressed? as not even the Sparrow lives like this

Cast your cares upon the Lord He holds the Sparrow in one hand

While holding us in the other hand, while still holding Tomorrow

His cross is heavy from all of the Sins that we keep piling on

Our cross is Lite from Forgiveness that washed away our Sins

Not even the blood stains remain, we’re totally clean like snow

So Come on now pick back up that cross we’re to carry

Even a child can be the Living Sacrifice we’re called to be

Resistance to Jesus is heavy, surrender to Jesus is lite

Death is not to be feard as it only lasts until Sunrise

And the moon Light watches over us until we’re risen

With our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

His cross is heavy, Our cross is Light that reflects His Glory

His Sacrifice carried the World, Our cross gives hope for Living

As it reminds us that the Stone is still rolled away, He is still Risen

Matthew 11:30, 6:25-34, 28:6
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