Hit And Run

Will you stop to help or not? Be honest!

A really nice guy and friend of mine was critically injured in a hit and run two nights ago. I have been discussing this quite a lot with my friends and would like your input. They all want vengeance on the guy who hit him. I am trying to get them to put themselves in his shoes! and of course acknowledge that vengeance is God's.

If I was knocked, my life is messed, what will it benefit me if his is messed as well? If he is not a criminal but just an ordinary well-meaning citizen who had an accident or drank 1 too many beers at work that night, but still showed the deceny and humanity to stop and try help me, I will allow him to drive off before the police arrive.

What are your thoughts on these three scenarios?

1. You are not drunk but hit someone so hard that they die. Would you want his family to forever hate and stalk / threaten to kill you and have to endure court sessions to prove your innocence?

2. Not drunk and just badly injure someone. The person accuses you of reckless driving. The family and friends make threats against you and your family should you get off scot free.

3. You had 1 drink over the legal limit and on the way home kill someone who was running across the highway. If you stay and help, you go to prison for pre-meditated murder.

A Christian would stay and help in every scenario. A Christian will be made an example of in every scenario. Whilst the bad mostly get away scot free.

There are so many hit and runs taking place! The courts need to be more gracious on those that stop to help! Whether drunk or not!
It would be in my learned behavior to stop and help the victim: MERCY however is a God trait that if we don't exercise-we don't know how to use it!