Hiya Kids!!

Hiya Kids!!

Hi Dee Ho ya'll!

I'm Sara from Oklahoma. I'm 40-something and have been a Christian since 1982. I grew up in a dead church but God still mananged to use it to set my foundation for a righteous beginning.

I love all kinds of music and find great healing ni it. I also hear from God often through music.

I never know what to say here so if you want to know anything just ask. I'm not shy at ALL. I just don't like being the center of atention. :eek:
You'll probably find me hanging in the prayer request threads. I have been given the gift of encouragement and when you need prayer nothing is better than a kind word to start.

You are blessed. You are loved. You are more than victorious through Jesus Christ who is your source for everything!

Sara :dance:


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Hiya Sara, welcome to our community. I'm so happy you joined and yes the prayer section needs you. :D God is marvelous and He is the reason we are so blessed! Let His name be praised.
Howdee Sara:welcome::welcome: You gonna find some sweet fellowship here. God Bless.

I love encouraging too. God is so good.
I'm feeling the love already :blush:

If this silly phone on my desk would stop ringing then I could start surfing the threads more and see where I fit in!