Holiday Recipes

Jun 22, 2007
Salem, MA
Holiday Recipes

If you open this link and look to the left you will see a list to choose from, click on "Holiday recipes" and you will have a category from which to select, just click. Also you can double click the buildings in the village for stories...etc.
Merry Christmas.
May 15, 2007
I did not see the recipe for fruitcake.

That is funny though.

Did you know that there really are people that like fruitcake?

Did y'all know that there are some people who ARE 'fruitcakes'... :D (present company not included). :)

I ain't had the 'priviledge' of havin' ta munch on one of them cakes in 15 years. I'm still trying ta pay the dentist for the new teeth that I had ta get after I tried ta eat that last one... :eek:

I wuz gonna make my own, but I hear tell that old George Warshington had a problem with them wooden choppers that he done had... so I let Doc Padgett fix me up with some store-bought teeth. I seen him workin' on 'em one mornin'. There was a wind up key in them originals and when y'all let go of them teeth, they start up moving all by theyselves makin' all kinds of racket. When I finally got 'em from the Doc, there weren't no key no more. My buddy, Billy Bob got a set from the Sears, Roebuck and Company catalog. Now when his wife pushes the garage door opener button, Billy Bob's jaw opens up. Can't hardly figure how that works... :confused: