Holy Spirit and YOU

Holy Spirit and YOU


Holy Spirit and you - 5 part Series

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Holy Spirit and you - 5 part Series

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Jan. 10 and 17, Feb. 21 and 28, Mar 7 - 2010

He's one of my favorites that really ministered to me the first time I heard him preach in person. I was really satisfied, like a huge Holy Spirit feast with lots of meat! :)

He's an awesome brother! He's really got an anointing.
Unfortunately my computer will not support it and I guess it is because I do not have fast speed ..... boo -hoo. It loaded to 80% and then stopped . I will try again cause I know when GodSpeaks puts up videos they are beyond excellent .

Cool .... I still have a problem and it starts and stops which is annoying. I think I have to talk to my server to see why cause some Youtube stuff plays ok and some not.

I really want to hear these videos.
I was hoping you could see them. You have listened to alot of the music on youtube.

Many times mine hesitates too but I just wait til it comes back on.
Yes. He explained the baptism perfectly.

Actually not all Christians will agree.

There is a difference between born again of the Holy Spirit and being baptised with the Holy Spirit.

You are "born again" with the Holy Spirit when you reach out and accept the gift of heaven and invite Jesus into your heart. Being "baptised" with the Holy Spirit can happen repeatedly after being "born again" of the Holy Spirit.

The "baptism" of the Holy Spirit is to empower you to tell others about Jesus and the joy and hope found in Him. The "baptism" of the Holy Spirit will also fill your heart with more love for God and others.

Being "born again" of the Holy Spirit saves you, then when you're "baptised" with the Holy Spirit over and over again, this is to help you and give you power and desire to reach out and save others.

The disciples in John 20 were BORN AGAIN with the Spirit, then 50 days later they were BAPTISED with the Holy Spirit.

Remember the disciples received the Holy Spirit in John 20 and were "born again"! then 50 days later, they sat around and received a BAPTISM of the Holy Spirit, and this was AFTER they were born again with the Spirit 50 days earlier in John 20

The Day of Pentecost is the day that the disciples were baptised with the Holy Spirit, and this happened 50 days AFTER they were born again and received the Spirit initially in John 20:22.

So they received the Spirit twice, once in John 20:22 and were "born again", then 50 days later at The Day of Pentecost and then they were "baptised" with the Holy Spirit.