Holy Spirit Applies Redemption.

The Holy Spirit does the work in us to make us holy, clean, fruitful, and living the divine life.
If he is greived by sin, he will wait till repentance and the person will suffer loss.
His job is to convict when we are tempted. Grace would also be to stop us from doing the wrong things.
He blesses us according to the father's will.

One example to show us the operation of God in the trinity is that if the Holy Spirit alone went to the cross he could shed no blood, or even be seen. It had to be a body of flesh which he was within. God operates as a 3 fold personality not 3 persons. we have only one God. Jesus is God in the flesh.

Jesus didn't come to be in everybody because he was in the flesh. The Holy Spirit dwells with or in the believer. depends on being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Baptism in water is a process of identification not filling. Until one comes to understand the work of demon spirits they won't know what it means to have power to overcome them.

One great work of the Spirit is to set free from sin and it's addictions. Even a cigarette carries with it a demon of nicotene. This is a drug in the smokes. All addictions are for the purpose to overdo and harm the person.
Or to disobey God in all his word.

Mk. 16 declares all believers filled with the Spirit shall cast out devils. The power is not of us but of God.