Hosting a missionary

Hello - This is the 2nd year I have hosted a missionary at my house. My church hosts a 2 week learning experience for missionaries from around the world. These are missionaries that we (my church) supports and others who are recommended to join us. If any of you have the opportunity to host a missionary, I highly recommend it. I will be honest, it is a bit intrusive (and scary) to have a COMPLETE stranger in your house, but it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. While they are here, they learn from seminary instructors; they learn about how we (my church) do men's children's, women's, youth ministries; they learn about the role of women and the wives of leaders in the church; they learn about how we (my church) ministers and reaches out to immigrants, the inner-city poor, single parents...; they get a chance to talk with our pastors; network with church members and the other missionaries making connections and exchanging ideas and experiences....

The first one I had was a woman from Vietnam and this year's is from Portugal. Both very different but delightful women - one dedicated to evangelizing and the other to healing those who hurt. I will be sad to see Arlete leave on Sunday...
Jun 1, 2014
The first line of attack against missionaries is almost always isolation. Reaching out like that to pull them into your church community is wonderful! Does your church post any information about this conference on-line?
Nov 1, 2014
I loved the Sunday evening sessions with missionaries in the church I attended several years ago. Their stories were like nothing else I have ever heard. So often they lived the love the rest of us only talked about. It was humbling. Glad you are helping these wonderful people.