Hot Car Death ( Father Forgot 22mo Old In Car)

I've been watching the trial throughout the day and not only was it sad but the lack of emotion from both parents were equally disturbing .

Idk, I wonder why God allows people that are mentally unsound to be parents and those that are well qualified: financially, and mentally lol to be parents, barren....
May 6, 2014
Yah I think so, they checked his internet history and found, Child free, how long does it take for an animal to die in a hot car, and , how to survive in prison.

I am watching the trial. It is so very shocking and horrible that this couple would do something like this.
Jun 14, 2014
God rest the soul of precious little Cooper. :(:cry:

This isn't the actual trial. This is a probable cause hearing. (Featured on You Tube in 3 parts) This is the first step in showing the evidence thus far that necessitates this man, who is not sitting before a jury, Justin Ross Harris, being carried to trial on the states charges.

What Happens at a Probable Cause Hearing?

:( Poor precious Cooper. He didn't even make it to his second birthday.

This man was 6 inches from his baby boy's car seat in that SUV. He had just taken him to Chic-fil-a for breakfast,and then went to work and left him in the SUV. And in order to make the U-turn to get to the work parking lot, a left bearing U-turn, this man had to look over his right shoulder toward oncoming traffic. Meaning, he would never have missed seeing coopers back facing car seat that was situated but six inches from him. After that, he went into work and later began sexting a then 16 year old girl. She is now 17. Sending her photos of his exposed aroused self!

He then went to lunch with friends at work, went to Home Depot to buy light bulbs, and this is what sickens me to my heart, he went to the SUV, unlocked the drivers door and threw tossed the bag of light bulbs inside and then locked the SUV and went back into work. :mad:

He and his wife were having financial difficulties. They had two life insurance policies on Cooper. All totaling $27,000.00!
Investigators found this man and his wife! Researched how death occurs in hot cars.

And while this man was at work and while little Cooper was dying in the SUV, this man was at work visiting a forum dedicated to childless families! And he also was having different sexting conversations with multiple women, including sexual pictures back and forth between those women and himself. All while Cooper was dying in the car outside. He did this till 3 p.m.
That's some job!