Hot Tub Spa Packs

Hot Tub Spa Packs

Those of you with Hot tubs, I have a little advice you may find helpful in the future.

You have two regulators. A temperature sensor, and a Hi Limit probe.
The temp sensor does exactly what you would expect. The Hi Limit probe limits the temperature to a maximum of 112 degrees.

If your Hi Limit probe goes out, which does happen, (Usually on a night when the temp is going to drop below freezing.) the replacement cost is anywhere between $550.00 and $750.00 plus shipping depending on the spa pack you have.

Well,.... A thermometer, is nothing more than a resistor. The only thing is determining how many Ohms of resistance they have.

I went to Radio Shack, and purchased a variety pack of resistors. ($12.99) plus tax.

I started at the high end, 250K Ohms. After 4 or so hours of trial and error, I fixed the spa pack with a .99 cent resistor, (1,650 Ohm) and a soldering iron.

The drawback, is that the hot tub is no longer limited to 112 degrees, but that's just a silly "Nanny Government" restriction anyway to keep me from turning it up higher than they want me to. So no great loss.

If you find yourself in need of some specific info, With the help of the internet, and a little electrical knowledge, I just turned a $600.00 and two week repair, into a $12.00 and two day repair. :)

Actually, now that I know what resistance to use on this particular unit, the cost was .99 cents and the repair time would be around 5 minutes! :D

So, like I said, If you find yourself in need of any help, I may be able to assist. God's blessings, and.....

This is how we do it in the country!! :cool: Thank God for Radio Shack and Walley World!!! ;) :p
Sooooooo…………… Ya got a hot tub…….. Hmmmmmmmm.

That’s got to feel good after a long day on the bike. :)

And I got the bike out today. It was a few degrees above freezing on the way to work, but not too bad for a short ride. It was about 50 when I got off work. That was a lot better. :cool:
We hit 82 today. I put on about 100 miles.
Actually, riding relaxes me more than the tub.
We've had a hot tub for many years. My wife has back problems and it helps a great deal.

It is relaxing, but nothing compares to rolling through the curves, if you know what I mean. No matter how my day goes, just an hour or two on the road, and I can handle anything. ;)