How can the dead...



How can the dead...

...resist anything that's something?

At it again, he tempts me.
Trying to cause me to undo.
Quick, throw away the tunnel I passed through.

Time to look at it again.
It's up and down's complete divide.
Let undesirables hide.

Just another look.
Alone before a Holy book.
I try one more.

A find.
A gain.
But yet again, more pain.

Dead, when what I believe
says I should be alive.

But it's gambling infinite.
Never an up side to down.

Anything above nothing is a win.
I'd say buy it cheap.
But such a thought defines the fall.

So no compromise now.
It's nothing if not my all.

It's just hard to live right when you're feeling dead.


Oh yea, I should mention not to worry, this was written a little while back, I'm fine. :)


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you are correct we are dead to the world and feel sad.we are sad that we are diffrent and can,t enjoy the things they do or want to do them,we are pushed from an early age into a world which uses and abuses.we want no part and wait for a better place.:)