How Do You Become More Aware Of God's Love?

This can be common. God has placed you here for a reason. Every job causes nerves when you first start and honestly 4 days is no where near enough time to master a trade. Do not let it get to you because in a few weeks you will start to loosen up to the people and you will start to be great at what you do. Just stick with it and don't call in any more :) that will only make things worse. Just pray and talk to God and do something to take your mind off the stress of the Job. Things are going to work out
Jul 25, 2013
Washington, DC
A lot of us tend to get nervous when starting a new job or anything in that nature. I guess you're asking how does one become more award of God's comfort and strength when you especially need it.

My answer won't be so popular since I'm possibly the lone Catholic around here, but I always keep a rosary in my pocket. When I'm thankful, when I'm nervous of something, when I'm anxious, etc. etc, I grab hold of it and persistently pray. And if I'm in a position where I can, I will pray the rosary.

I accept that you're not Catholic (unless you are), but one thing that we Catholics and Protestants absolutely agree with is the help we receive from God when we pray. Perhaps get something to keep with you at all times like a cross or some sort of bracelet that you can hold onto and/or look at when you feel you need to especially feel God's presence.
Sep 3, 2009
yes it is ...sadly Lol. I been there 4 days and I'm not really picking up as I should.. and everyday I walk in there I'm sorta a bundle of nerves BC I still don't know how to do everything : / but I know God wants me there.

Then you will do well!