How does God chastise His children?


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I know that conviction is one, but what happens when we stop feeling convicted, but we know that what we did is wrong? What if we make excuses but quickly shoot then down with the truth of God's Word? Are we still children of God? And what are other ways that God convicts His children?
Juk Hi,
Through His written word for one. God deals with each of us a little different too. Just like any parent with several children will come to learn that they can not teach or discipline them all in the same way. Well God is the one who teaches parents this wisdom so it makes sense that He does the same.

If everything you do is bringing no real results or frustration and so forth that is a pretty good inclination you need to seek God in this. I mean if it seems you are having to do it all in your strength - then seek God. Sometimes Juk God will step back and allow us to do things in our strength or way until we get tired or fed up and turn to Him.

These are not all but I hope it helps