How does Jesus’ suffering and death bring us forgiveness of sins?

How does Jesus’ suffering and death bring us forgiveness of sins?

How does Jesus’ suffering and death bring us forgiveness of sins?

2) In order to accept forgiveness for sins we must be sorry for our sins and remove anything in our life, which causes us to sin. Since selfishness is the cause of all our sins, we must, therefore, remove selfishness from our life. Unfortunately, we are incapable of doing this on our own. Jesus, therefore, did this on our behalf by completely emptying Himself on the cross.

3) By coming into this world as a humble servant; and freely accepting pain, suffering, humiliation and death in order to compensate for the sins of those who had betrayed Him and were unfaithful to Him Jesus showed us what selfless love is. We can, therefore, overcome selfishness and live a life of grace by following Jesus’ footsteps (1 Peter 2:21-25).
I would say that pride is right up there at the top. Selfishness may be a byproduct of pride.
Depends on how you look at it I guess.
Yes, very good point, as "pride", is what brought Lucifer, God's greatest Angel ever created, to think he was so beautiful and smart, he could rule over all things above God even.

But, another of the main problems we face a physical Children of God here on earth, is forgetting the battle is actually of the spirit, not of the flesh. We start bickering between each other, letting remarks be taken personal, when really its satan, working thru some, to provoke others, to retaliate.

This is one of the greatest ways Satan takes praise and worship away from god, redirecting God's children's thinking away from God and falsely needing to defend themselves against what they think has to be another person.

God bless!!


One of my favorite preachers said that lucifer had I trouble and that many today suffer the same affliction- I want this ,I want that, I'll do that, etc.:eek:
This is great!:D

Selfishness. My will...that's all that matters. He made me this way, and I want this, not that. If He was real, why doesn't He come down and show me? Prove it to me? I'm all that matters. Why should I do that for His glory? What do I get out of it? Why did He make me at all, if nothing is going to be for me? I'm important, too!

That's because they think of God not as God...but as an equal. Like any other. They're afraid to turn it all over to our Lord. Because they've been hurt in the past, they're afraid that God wants to hurt them, too.

Oh, if they only understood that our God is perfect love! Infinite forgiveness. Grace. He would never hurt His children. Never lead us astray.

I deserve to die for my sins. The bad things that I've done in my life were awful, wrong, horrendous! I'm ashamed of those things. Someone should take me out and whip me, make me bleed. Make me suffer. That would be my punishment, to death and suffering.

Christ, our Jesus, took my place on the cross. He suffered every whipping for me. His blood was spilled to wash away my sins.

He's holy and perfect, the Son of God. Because of His sacrifice, I am washed clean.

(Thank you, Lord!:D)


Yes, I agree that selfishness is a by-product of pride. That is why humility is such an important virtue. It is exemplified by so many people in the Bible. Jesus, Mary, Elizabeth, John, Peter, Paul, Job, and so many others. I have found it amazing how hard it is to attain true humility. Humility, as C.S. Lewis said, is not simply demeaning our own accomplishments. Rather, it is rejoicing in others' accomplishments as if they were our own. We must focus on our own faults, and never on others' faults. We must focus on others' virtues, and never on our own.

But by grace we have been saved! No good work is possible without God!! God has given us the way to obtain these virtues. We must certainly always follow the imitation of Christ to the best of our ability. :)