How important are child's school grades?

How important are child's school grades?

How important is it for your child(ren) to get good grades in school?

Are good grades an indicator of hard work and good character? Do they show diligence and perseverence?

Or do they not matter? Are they man made indicators that are artificial and not an indicator of godly traits?

What do you think?


Mark it depends on the child, mostly I will say yes. I am home schooling two teenagers right now. One can finish a weeks curriculum in in a matter of hours. The other stays ahead but struggles in some areas. For one it is a breeze, for the other it is a real testimony to his determination.
When it comes to a good job a good education cannot be beaten. Particularly high school grades can mean a good deal as far as scholarship and other opportunities.
With all that being said I am most pleased when my kids are putting forth a real effort no matter how well it comes out. Each child has different gifts and each should know that they have love and support no matter what.
I'm not a parent, but I think this:

Grades can be a definite indicator of success, but they are not everything.

If a child is getting low grades, they may in fact be doing poorly, but not always does the blame fall on them. The teacher may be doing a poor job in helping the student understand, or they may simply be unmotivated. Sometimes the student just isn't good at something. Certain people are good at thinking through math problems, others have a natural sense of grammar. It's just the way God made us.

In the end, education is very important, but all we can ask is they try their best. Ultimately, we can't place judgment. If children are well behaved and God-loving, and truly trying hard, then we can ask nothing more of them.


A key ingrediant for sucess is to have the parent get involved in their childs education. A simple review will show problem areas. After finding these trouble spots the parent can either help or find suitable tutoring. It is very important to find these areas before your child gets to far behind.


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The list goes on and on.........
All the above were school dropouts~

My humble opinion~ The only thing that should be graded is EFFORT.


Those things are true but there are many fields which require a degree nowadays- and there are many places that will pick a college grad over a high school student for a job


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It is important later in line, but not as ultimately important as the knowledge that it supposedly represent. Don't strive for the grade itself, but the understanding of the concepts. The grades themselves should come naturally if you apply your mind.


Yes, Brothers Larry and Ban~
You are both right.
Home schoolers can go to college.
Also, I have found that every child has their strengths and interests and you cannot force either on a person~


There is hope for school dropouts. Unfortunately, we could not fit all the names of those who dropped out and lived very "unsuccessful lives" as many would measure.

It would be very meaningless if we only measured effort. Many Christian schools do measure effort as one of the grades. However, most businesses are not interested in effort alone. I bet your kids would not be very tolerant of "effort" on the eveniing meal unless that effort resulted in to goal being reached - a meal!

One point - we do need to love and accept all children as God made them. However, does that mean that they should not be measured? Some measurments are important. We need to measure your child's feet to get the right shoe size. We need to measure his ability to get direction for the right career.


No,no, Mark......I was referring to grades when I mentioned effort.
Let's say I had 5 children draw a picture of a horse.
One of the children who is gifted in art whips out a beautiful drawing in 5 minutes. His drawing, his gift, is very much appreciated and admired.
But then there is the child who spends 20 minutes working fervently only to produce a scribbled picture of something that looks more like a dinosaur.
That child has given his genuine effort to his work and is just as proud of his picture.

Yes, end results should be praised but effort is what matters to me.
I am very much against competition.

Every child has his gifts and strengths and WILL discover them, with encouragement.