How important is core strength?

How important is core strength?

For many years I thought that having strong stomach muscles was enough. I neglected strengthening my back. I have learned that the two work together to stabilize our spine. Riding up hills having a strong core is as important as having strong legs. We lose power on our bikes and on a run when our core if fatigued. The brain will redirect resources to keep the spine/central nervous system safe. A strong core gives us a platform to drive our legs in our athletic endeavors. Check with Runners World or Bicycling Magazine for a good list of core exercises. The” plank” exercise is a good measure of core strength.

Gerry Geraghty
Coach Endurance Fellowship
I took a Pilates class last semester xD!! and I can say that it has strengthened my core and that it's really important to strengthen that part.
Especially since it gives balance to the whole body.
Plank was the hardest exercise we did and we all "hated" doing that LOL


What are some good excercises for people with damaged discs in thier lower backs coach?
Before getting down to exercises Larry, you should start with warming up.
run a few minutes, you don't need to move, just run. then do "squat" position, up and down.
Then do a warm up for the spine, I don't know the name, but I know how to do it. you bend forward until you almost touch your toes or the floor then you go back up and bend your spine backward, meaning your arms will be up and you're bending your spine so that it stretches well. do that around 15 times it really helps.
Swinging Warm-Up
press the Play button. It resembles that, but you should go more backwards when you go up so that you bend your back to the back lol. inward curve I think? lool :)

Keep breathing deeply with your chest rather than your stomach and enforce your lower core muscles (abdomen area and bottom abdo area). all the time when doing exercises.
Pilates really helps with back pain. It did for me :)

Focus on keeping your lower back balanced when standing up and sitting down, not too curved and not too straight.

For some exercises check here :

I hope that helps. I can't check out the video too much I'm at work.


Brother I have more broken parts that the city of New Orleans but I am full of the joy of the Lord.


This is good advice and important for me. I think my abs are too strong and dangerous to my back. :eek: lol.
Definitely, you need to keep a balance between back muscles and ab muscles so that you can have a balanced body. strengthen both sides brother Mark :)