How Is Every One's Garden ?


How Is Every One's Garden ?

I hoped to post some pictures of my roses but we are having rain all week and now they all got knocked down . I am sorry I did not take the pictures before cause the yellow ones were exquisite .

Anyways , I hope some one will post some of their beautiful flowers . Come on every one don't be shy .
Do I have to use image hosting (like waffleimages) to post a picture, or can I do it from Mypictures in Vista?
My garden is huge, but the plants are staying small due to cold weather! I have at least 25 various tomato and 25 various peppers plants in my garden. I just kept planting :). I'm just going to walk uin my garden and eat for lunch this fall. I can't wait!


Wow , Tyler , sound s like you could set up a stand outside your house and sell your produce. You must have a big yard . I live in a townhouse thus the back yard is very small and there is a big maple tree behind so my yard is very shady . In the front I have a few rose bushes but we have had so much rain and cool weather that they are not doing that well.
My garden is exploding this year!!!!!!!!!!!! Look





Ahhhh ..... I am sorry to hear that . I hope she will be alright . Will she be able to eat stuff from the forest. ?


Even with lots of watering my wife's gardens are suffering from the heat and lack of rain.
Beautiful flowers Dusty.

I have to say that between the drought and my health, mine have been somewhat neglected, but I have promised them things will get better.

Blessings, Cheri
I planted 21 tomato plants. I think the pepper count is the same if not a bit more...I'm going to get some great stuff from the garden this year. I was thinking about preparing tons of tomato soup based recipes and freezing them for the rest of the season.