How Much More ?



How Much More ?

If Christ needed to get away alone in the wilderness , how much more do we need to pray ? I am just as guilty as the next person by not taking time in solitude and seeking my Father's face and searching daily for His will ---- not mine.

Luke 22:41 --- Jesus withdrew from mankind in order to have communion with our Heavenly Father . How much more do we need this communion ? If Jesus needed to pray , then we need also to follow His example .

I am reminded of that beautiful song sung by George Beverly Shai ----- I come to the garden alone , while the dew is still on the roses ---- And He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am His own , and the joy we share as we tary there --- none other has ever known .
Great Posting Friend!

Amen, and I don't know why, but I don't fit the time in i should either, how sad is this!.I appreciate your post, and it would be great to have you here as a member! God's blessings to you friend!
Thank you for this post. I am a rather new Christian, and I'm trying to learn all the right things to do. I spend time alone a couple of times a day in the Bible and in prayer. I still don't know if this is enough.
Recently our Pastor gave us a 21 day challenge to wake up early and read a chapter of John and pray. I took the challenge and I'm only on day 6 and already I see blessings both spiritual and financial come our way. God is so good. When we spend time with Him first thing, then the rest of the day is so much more blessed.
There is somthing in the time spent alone with our Lord that nothing else can give. No amount of fellowship or books or forums...nothing.....that time with Him alone is intimate and personal and one that we all need so that we can hear our Father speak to us and guide us....heart to heart with Him.

Its a wonderful time and only He can fill it.