How Some People Treat Sin....and Then, There Are The Others

This dog had been taught to stay off the bed. The owners set up a camera to see what the dog did when they were gone....

Saw this this morning, and it reminded me of how some people treat sin. They get giddy. They throw themselves into sin full-force. They make as much of it as they possibly can. When I was in the church, I often heard testimonies of sanguine(!) regret as they named off the variety of sins with which they ruined their days. Oddly, they seemed to enjoy the listing of their sins, like a tasty morsel rolled upon the tongue, chewed slowly, and swallowed with savor.

Then, there are more mature ones who, when the sin is finished, realize how flat it was. Just a lot of rollin' and shakin' with nothing real to take away from the experience, other than the sure dread of pay-back with regret.

As one grows more in the L-rd, however, sin completely loses its counterfeit spiciness, and we see it in its ugliness. We pray, "Father! Help me to see sin as You see it! Teach me what it is! Help me avoid it at all costs!" We seek repentance, throwing ourselves into it in full force, making of repentance as much as we possibly can, listing His victories before Him, rolling them upon our cleansed tongues, chewing them slowly with savor.

What a life of victory -- something we hold on to when temptation comes again! We shake out our bag of past triumphs in front of temptation and shout, "This is what He brought me through before! By His grace, you will not shake me!"