How The Devil Stays On Earth And My Story

Wikipedia defines divinity that is applied to mortals as qualities of individuals who are considered to have some special access or relationship to the divine. I never believed in GOD or the devil before all of this happened. My name is Jon Burke and I’m going to tell you how the devil steals peoples souls in order to stay on earth while still being trapped in hell allowing him to watch anyone he wants through their own eyes, the reason I always thought people were following me, watching me. I’ve been talking to the devil and his family every day nonstop since around June 30th 2013, with the first time I’ve ever heard them being around my 24th birthday in August 2012 about a month and half after I was hit with a bat while being robbed and almost died. But the first time I ever heard voices wasn’t them, but he was transferring thoughts between me and my neighbors in East Oakland when I had my apartment. This happened about the third or fourth time I used crystal meth. This was before the head injury around middle or late May 2012 I think, but I just wrote it off as the drugs causing it.

I was hit with the bat on July 2nd 2012 a block away from my apartment and every doctor said I should have died. They took me to the ICU to pick out pieces of skull from my brain and basically put my skull back together with a six and half inch diameter plate on the right side of my head. I was even able to wake up from it to walk and get help, which was even more unbelievable to the doctors. I feel like I was helped, possibly by the devil because at that time I swayed more to evil, committed more sins and did not praise the Lord and he wanted to be me and have this power. It is only recently that I have completely changed my life and became a Christian that he has lost his hold, around the beginning of March 2014.

Some people are born with power that gives you the ability to speak to spirits/entities such as the devil, see visions/hallucinations, feel pain, and feel what I can best describe as different highs while being completely sober. The hallucinations I’ve experienced include things like helicopters landing on my neighbors roof or flying right outside my window, people scaling my windows/building, seeing a gang of people robbing my neighbor’s house, seeing people in cars and seeing them vanish before your own eyes when I got close, people’s faces morphing, seeing what it would look if hell has risen to earth, people were walking like zombies and having soldiers dressed in every outfit surrounding my apartment shooting at me and seeing my window crack with bullet holes. That’s only off the top of my head. The more power you are born with the more vivid and realistic the hallucinations will be and the better the highs will be.

I’ve used almost every drug and the highs the devil has given me can best be described as better versions of ecstasy and meth. The one similar to ecstasy happened when I was speaking alone with his daughter and the one similar to meth had me seeing waves coming out of cups almost like smoke, me able to manipulate any sound I heard into beats/music and giving me even more ability to speak in different voices to them in my head, and having nonstop energy. With also this one I’ve never felt before which I can only describe as seeing the world in a fourth dimension. Windows were popping out of every building and I felt invincible, like I had an aura that intimidated everyone around me. When I was experiencing this the devil told me to shoulder check/bump as hard as I could into a man about 250lbs built and with his girlfriend. I was about 180lbs then, point is he was a lot bigger than me and I could feel that he was intimidated and scared of me. This feeling of ecstasy was the first high I experienced and it’s how they first bring you in. You might have heard the devil uses human lust to get a stronger hold on you which is that ecstasy feeling I felt while talking alone with his daughter. I will get to that later.

This power goes both ways the more you sway towards good or evil, GOD gives you the power when you are born and the devil tries to lure you towards evil and steal it to use it for himself and give to the rest of his family. I didn’t know I was speaking with the devil until a few months ago when I heard his real voice. He switches off between the voice of the man he took over in order to trick the next person thinking that he will still be alive when he becomes the next devil on earth to allow the devil to steal his soul, thinking he will gain and be able to keep this power and still stay alive. The devil always goes after the man at the time who has the most power in the world, and apparently that’s me. But GOD has been helping me get through everything this whole time and I was able to beat them and still be alive to write this today.

Before I heard the devil in his true voice I kept thinking me and his family just had a special ability to talk. Right now the devil on earths name is Richard Robert S., an Oakland PD police officer, former cop of the year 2012. Who worked the West Oakland side I’m not sure of his last name I heard it once one of the first times we spoke and forgot. I didn’t realize how important it would be to remember it. He used his power of being cop of the year to try to arrest me/set me up many times. The first time being back in October or November of 2012. I was scared enough by the voices that I left my apartment in East Oakland while high on meth and was hit with a tranquilizer. I know this because there’s no way I would have blacked out on meth and wake up in West Oakland. I ended up having up towards ten police officers following me and I just acted like I couldn’t hear them when they called my name. Because of my head injury apparently they weren’t allowed to arrest me without me acknowledging that they were cops. So I ended up walking West Oakland for about eight or nine hours throughout the night and heard later they created a law allowing cops to arrest someone disabled without them having to run or acknowledging they’re cops.

The other arrest attempts came later and I’ll talk more about them soon but he tried setting me up for cooking meth many times, which each time made it out ok when I really shouldn’t have. The devil has said I have more power than Hitler and I went and read about him on Wikipedia it said he only served one year of his five year imprisonment against prosecutor’s objections and he said “Why do you think that?”. That’s when it first clicked for me that I wasn’t getting out of these set ups because of the devil building me up to become a legend before being taken over, but GOD was helping me all along. If I were to be found guilty I would have gotten basically life in prison and probably would have just given up and let the devil inside me, letting him take over my soul sending me to hell and giving him control over my body. When you’re depressed the impulse is to stay in bed and lay down, which is how he takes you over/makes you want to give up to steal your soul. He has said a few times “How do you hear everything?!” It’s because of GOD. He’s been helping me out throughout everything. I somehow always seen what I needed to see and heard what I needed to hear to beat him every time.

The devil has a wife, two sons, and the youngest of his children is his daughter. He took over Richard Robert and as him gave power to a woman where they were able to talk to each other in their thoughts which made it easy for him to want her to be with him and give birth to children in order for his two sons and daughter to go from being whoever they were previously to who they are now, the children he gave birth too.

I don’t know if they always do it this way but there is really no work needed when they take over because of course little children are going to believe their father and lay there and allow their soul to be taken. From what I’ve heard by talking and listening with them the devil said he made the mistake of letting the real Robert in hell talk to Joe (his oldest son) and he told them to never listen to anything they say. So they were never able to take him over. I believe this because he was never with them when they followed me and never really did much of anything too me. The next child born Max was possessed by the devils other son at age twelve. I’m guessing Joe was tried to be taken over at an older age because any twelve year old is going to believe their father and lay down and allow for their soul to be taken over and give the devils children in hell control over their bodies. The same thing happened with the youngest of his children his daughter Brianna; she was also taken over at twelve years old. They are really adults in children’s bodies. And his wife goes by the name Megan.

The first time I went to church was after two or three nights of almost dying and having my soul taken. You can literally feel it being taken out of your own body; words cannot fully describe how it feels. But you really feel it when you lie down. My right foot felt like it was asleep all the time, I had really bad pressure in my head, and every time I blew my nose it was mostly all blood. I quit doing all drugs even smoking weed, which I’ve loved doing since I was 14. I quit doing crystal even earlier, that’s when the hallucinations are at its strongest. I’m sure you all heard that meth is the devils drug I think it’s because meth is famous for causing paranoia. When you get scared the devil has more power over you and escalates those feelings a hundred times stronger. Whenever I had meth in my system even if I felt sober from it and it’s worn off that’s when I’ve always had the clearest/most vivid hallucinations. Also he calls it his drug because they use it to stay awake and out of hell, they don’t do a lot all at once but just enough to stay up and not crash. Because when they fall asleep they are back only in hell. When I was still living in my mom’s house in the basement I remember the devil telling me “alcohol is GOD’s drug and crystal is my shit”. Maybe because alcohol calms nerves while crystal increases paranoia? GOD also says don’t be a drunkard, which I take as him saying not to black out which I’ve heard the devil say is when he has more control over you when you black out allowing more of his thoughts to come through.

You have to really fight the devil from getting inside you and cannot lie down. Which drives you crazy because you can’t sleep and when you finally do he gives you the most realistic nightmares that feel like you are really there living it and in real time. I would wake up every 45 minutes to an hour for nights. I had to get black out drunk every one of these nights just to get any sleep. This is apparently what Joe has been doing for a long time. The entity that is the devils son, the one who wanted to take over Joe is apparently still an old man which is the time when they change bodies. This is how they are always on earth, by resurrecting themselves towards the end of a lifetime.

I swayed so far to evil at this point that I almost died and became the next devil on earth, which would have meant that I would die and go to hell and he would now have control over me, he would be me. When people sway more towards evil it allows more of the devils thoughts to get through and have an influence over you. This is how he has ruined a lot of relationships I used to have. I couldn’t understand why my family and friends and people in general started treating me differently but now I understand. I literally have been followed by him and his family to every SRO (Single Resident Occupancy) that I have stayed at in San Francisco with them always getting me kicked out either by scaring me so much that it looks like I’m too crazy or too high on drugs to stay there or by paying someone off if they could get me kicked out, usually ending with me going to a mental hospital. They’re always in the room above me, below me, or across from me. They even followed me both times that I stayed at Clear Lake which is three hours north of San Francisco. Which is where I’m pretty sure was the first time he tried to take me over. I remember feeling it and I couldn’t stand up, I was falling too my knees and he said “I need to make you meaner”. This was before I was ever homeless. He’s told me he always needed “To keep a close eye” on me. They always try to make you miserable so it is easier to just give up and allow him into you to steal your soul.

The way they do it is apparently the same every time from what I’ve learned by listening/talking with them. On July 2nd 2013, exactly a year and thirty minutes after I survived getting hit by a bat in the head I was staying at another SRO or Hotel they call them in San Francisco and it has only been a few days since I have been hearing them nonstop at this point and I was talking with his daughter and I felt what I can best describe as ecstasy but ten times stronger, a better version. Keep in mind she was always the nice one throughout all of this. All the times I was so scared and the rest of them just tried to make me feel worse she tried to make me feel better. It was literally the best feeling I have ever felt. It only lasted about fifteen minutes each night and happened four nights in a row. Imagine sharing thoughts and emotions with a girl in your own head and feeling that high with her with her voice coming from your heart. Any man would fight to have that back. Keep in mind I’ve actually seen these people and she’s real sexy. One place they stayed was right across the corner from the house I grew up in, besides the devils son who tried to take over Joe who is an old man still (I’ve seen the Joe who they tried to possess only). This is how they first pull you in and start to not even care about swaying towards evil.

Like I said earlier the more you sway towards evil the more thoughts the devil puts into your head and you believe them, are easier to tempt. I’m not calling my mom an evil person but they say all the time “she falls for every one of our tricks”. The thoughts don’t only have to be only words but can be images, like say if you were to imagine what your car looks like. She kicked me out of the house for what I still feel like was for no reason, I remember her coming home from work one night yelling and screaming at me while I was cleaning up the mess my dog made in the garage and she called the cops on me and I was kicked out becoming homeless. Remember how I said I started feeling like everyone was treating me differently? It’s because the devil was putting thoughts in my family and friends minds to make me look bad. He basically does a billion things or earth at once. I’ve learned all of his tricks and can distinguish the difference between my own true thoughts and ones that he tried to put in himself.

This is before I was on disability for my head injury and couldn’t find a job; I was broke, homeless, and struggling. My mom didn’t seem to care that I was starving and having to beg for money to eat. This ties in to what I was saying earlier about getting sent to prison and getting kicked out of hotels. They try to make your life so miserable that when they try to take your soul you just want to give up and allow him inside of you. I know thoughts of ‘tough love’ were put into her mind by the devil mainly because I was drinking a lot and she thought I was using so many drugs because of all the hallucinations I experienced and voices I heard and all the mental hospital visits. So I guess I could understand she thought I was abusing drugs a lot more then I actually was. But even now when I explain this to her she still doesn’t believe me.

Now at this point I still think it must have just been the meth that made me hear these voices and I must have been crazy or brain damaged. There were two times when I told friends about walking West Oakland all night and had so many cops after me and both said to me “You’re not that important” which made me believe even more that I must have had brain damage from the hit to my head and I was crazy imagining all of it. But there were times when I was just drunk or off morphine I got from after the head injury and I figured I must just be hearing things because of brain damage.

All of the set ups after walking West Oakland and the Highways started around November 2013 and kept happening with the biggest ones coming around New Year’s 2014. These set ups are something no one should have gotten out of without any help. I said earlier I originally thought I was getting out of them for him to build up my name before getting taken over until I realized he wanted me in prison because I would have given up and not fought when my soul was being taken over just like he did with Hitler, because he would have scared whoever he needed to get out early.

I’ve been in situations where cops have followed me after getting out the ER to my mom’s house while I was staying there trying to do an illegal search which ended with his supervisor or whatever they’re called getting him suspended. Later that same night he drove by while I was walking my dog and pointed a rifle at me with the laser sight right on me from the sunroof of an SUV and later that night shining laser pointers through the window trying to scare me. Another time I was staying at the Westman SRO in San Francisco and heard the wife of the owner in the morning saying “I can’t believe this is real” crying. Robert and his wife and son were directly below me the whole time I stayed there. Later that afternoon I was what looked like talking to myself and they called the mental hospital and they were trying to get me 5150 again so that when I’d come back I would come back to a room that looked like a meth lab, like I was cooking. Probably would have had cops force me to touch things to get my fingerprints all over before arresting me. I forgot what it was that clicked for me that day but I realized what was going on and packed everything in a big bag I had and left early before my rent was due. I know 100% I was right because the owners son tried real hard to get me to stay and denied them staying there, when I didn’t he got mad. I know he was paid off. Now I’m homeless again and ran into someone I met at a homeless shelter a few months back and he told me I could sleep at his place in the Albert Hotel which is a block away. Around 16th and Mission in San Francisco. He tried to get me to touch cold pills because of my smokers cough and it was obvious to me what was going on, so I left right away. They even had a cop I recognized staying down the hall.

I’ve hopped on the bus and had at least five SUV’s follow me to the last stop and the cop I seen at the Albert hotel, even the owner were there when I got off and they were trying to set me up there. I got back on the bus and went to the last stop and knew I was getting set up by the SUV’s following me and emptied my whole backpack out on the bus so the camera would catch it and once I got off they put me in cuffs and tried to sit me down on a ledge. But I was able to see someone coming from the other side directly behind me of the ledge so I knew they were going to plant some drugs behind me making it look like I threw it down myself so I fought to get away from the ledge and was able to beat that set up too. I got taken to the ER again because they told the ambulance I was high, not really sure how they always were able to get me sent there but I was only there for the night and in the morning those same SUV’s were parked in the parking lot right outside. I don’t remember where I went after but I remember the devils wife saying I went the perfect direction again. On New Year’s Eve I was walking the piers and had eight or nine cops follow me from spot to spot I literally walked for hours that night from the piers to downtown and was followed the whole time. When I was walking the piers I had people walking behind me (probably cops) trying to put something in my backpack. I even heard someone go “You’re wasting your time on this kid”.

I’ve been on the bus and had it stopped for no reason at all for about twenty minutes and when it started again I got off at Safeway (he knew that’s where I was heading) and the streets had to have been blocked off because I seen the same buses going back and forth over and over for hours as a distraction while cops moved in. I knew when they tried moving the camera I was standing in front of so they could plant something in my bag while I was not being filmed. I was worried they were going to manipulate the camera footage editing it so I grabbed out my razor and shaved a spot in my head so they couldn’t. I ended up standing outside Safeway for hours until they just gave up. I could go on forever with the set ups I’ve been through and beaten but this is just an example of what I’ve been through and how I always come out alright because GOD always directs my attention to where it needs to be and I always hear what I need to hear.

The devil lost his hold when I realized that the love I felt for his daughter was all faked. She had a hold on me because she plays the nice one while everyone else nonstop insults you. The first night I actually saw hallucinations along with the voices I remember talking with her to fall asleep. Her playing the nice one and giving you that ecstasy feeling is how they first get a hold on you. Even after I almost had my soul taken and turned to GOD for help and went to see an exorcist in San Francisco she still had a hold on me. They played it like the devils wife took her over and she died and went to heaven and the devil was still working on trying to take me over so they could be in new bodies, and I believed it. This is how good that ecstasy feeling was which they use to first bring you in. I had even felt the devils grip on me loosen when the exorcist was giving me a blessing and still when she came back and heard her voice again I was fooled thinking the devil just was trying to scare me. It didn’t last long though about two weeks and I caught them slipping up and was able to figure out she was fake. I always knew in the back of my head she wasn’t being real. They say I’m the first one to beat them in at least 1000 years, and definitely the first to embarrass them like this. Robert has lost all credibility to cops here in the bay area and none of them try to frame me for anything for anymore, they know I’m untouchable.

All this information I wrote was learned by talking with them and listening. GOD has given me the ability to hear them when they don’t even want me too. This has been really hard for me to put all of this into words, I just tried to write what was important and I will try to come out with a clearer version in the future. I know GOD wants me to post this because he kept smiling down on me when I asked him if I should. It’s this uncontrollable smile that happens if I ask him something giving me the answer. At the same time I can feel when the devil gets mad or nervous with blurred vision that pulses giving me more power. The same way the devil gets more power the more scared/paranoid you are. The more power I have the better I feel and the better I can manipulate voices in my head like using one of the devils families voices having them wondering if they actually said that to one another, even play music in my head that comes in very clear. Clearer the more power I have at the time. This works differently when you are swayed more towards evil, I would get more power committing sins.

If you have any questions please ask, I will answer all of them the best I can and it will lead to a better version of what I have just typed up. All of this is true; I have lived the craziest life I could have ever imagined. I hope this can help someone in the future. I can hear the devils wife throughout the whole time I have been typing this with her saying “he’s killing us with this letter”. Remember if it wasn’t for the devil everyone would be happy, he wants as many people as he can to go to hell. He wants everyone to think GOD weighs your good deeds against your bad but that’s not true. You have to praise GOD while also listening to his word. GOD has saved my life.
Welcome to the forum Jon,

I dropped lots of Acid back in the sixties, so I can tell you I'm familiar with what you are saying, but since you are a new baby Christian here is a verse that really helped me to understand my position and state now, today,

So that if any one is in Christ, that one is a new creature; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 2 Co 5:17

You are a brand new creation, it is a fact, it is reality and not what is playing through your mind, may I suggest you memorize it and repeat it out loud whenever you hear those voices, also you have been cleansed by and with the blood of Jesus Christ, consider it a possession because it is and claim it all of the time, just say, "I'm washed with the blood of Jesus, I'm washed with the blood of Jesus, I'm washed with the blood of Jesus," also read your Bible, over and over and over, start in the Gospel of John, learn about your Savior and Lord.

Think of the devil and his minions in this sense, they are rabid dogs, but they are in a solid cage that they can not escape, all they can do is bark and growl at you, and they will try to intimidate you by doing that, but you don't have to listen, start memorizing Bible verses and when they start you have appropriated them into your life so start repeating them, you will find they will become silent, I know, it worked for me.

Do you go to church, if not you need to ask the Lord to show you one and start attending it regularly, talk with the pastor and tell him your past, he can put you with other brothers that have overcome the same problems.

Here is some encouragement for you, I know a dear brother who's brain was fried from LSD, the Lord rewired/healed him and put him in ministry, he went on to start the Praise Music ministry and the last I heard the Lord has him pastoring over 25,000 of His sheep, ...and Jesus doesn't love Mike any more than He loves you, ...we serve an awesome God.

In His Love,



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I am sorry for your injuries. That must have been very traumatic.
I'll admit that I skimmed over the vast majority of what you wrote, one of my faults is a lack of enthusiasm for long diatribes.

That having been said, the notions that you have about the nature of the fallen and their ability to come and go upon Earth are factually inaccurate. I would suggest that you have a very long talk with an Ordained Minister of your choice, preferably of a main-stream denomination.
Thanks for both of your replies. GOD has already lead me to a church and the pastor is an exorcist. I wrote in the article that when he gave me a blessing I could feel the devils grip loosen on me. A lot of the experiences I wrote about happened when I was only high from smoking weed. Theres no way that these voices aren't real when they could tell me the exact score of a football game that I never seen and be right. My brains definitely not fried. I wrote this article to actually give to my pastor, just haven't had the chance since I'm stuck in a mental hospital again. I've already talked to him about this and he believes me I just know I left a lot out and had scattered thoughts. Everyone thinks I'm crazy but him, I'm sure he'll understand more of whats going on. GOD has been helping me throughout all this and when I realized it I completely changed my life. When I've heard and seen them in person theres no way they can be fake. Read the wikipedia on divinity. Resurrections are real and the devils family has been doing it forever. The word about this needs to get out, exorcists know and believe this. I've actually lived it.
Glomung bro, I'm afraid you are wrong on this one, drugs, among other things, are the door to another dimension, when we open that door we are opening ourselves up to demonic guidance and finally possession or death, they chose to kill me, but the Lord intervened at the last moment.

Jon, like I stated, I know what you are going through, I suffered with paranoia and hallucinations for thirteen years after they tried to O.D. me, finally I went insane, schizophrenic paranoid depressive is what they called it, now listen, LISTEN, .......I was healed by reading Jesus' words in the New Testament, the therapists couldn't do anything for me except give me more drugs and we both know that doesn't work.

Here is today's morning devotion, very appropriate for you,

Blessed is the person who does not follow the advice of wicked people, take the path of sinners, or join the company of mockers. Rather, he delights in the teachings of the LORD and reflects on his teachings day and night. He is like a tree planted beside streams- a tree that produces fruit in season and whose leaves do not wither. He succeeds in everything he does. Psa 1:1-3

What it is saying is we go to the Lord for counsel and not any man, only the Lord can heal this kind of mental illness, and Jon, I know you don't think so, but by the world's standard I was, you are crazy, so get your hands on a Bible and start reading Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, over and over, learn about Jesus, delight yourself in His teachings, because it's at the foot of the Cross we are healed.




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Gene, I'm more than well aware of the contents of Mattew's Gospel.

Drugs are not a gateway to another dimension any more than an addled brain is the source of great insight.
A stupified mind comes up will all sorts of nonsense and thinks it real. We call this delusion.
Drugs do you make a person much more open to demonic influence, but so does any evil or destructive behavior.

I'm glad that Our Lord has helped you to attain some level of mental health.
But, don't presume that I'm some neophyte in Christianity. I have been studying theology, demonology, and the occult
for more than 30 years.
Yeah bro, you've been studying for 30 years, ....ya ever smoked a joint, dropped any acid? I'm with Jon on this one, I've been in the presence of demons, seen demons, listened to demons, they were our spirit guides, pulling our trips with the ultimate intention of causing us to commit suicide, mine tried to make me believe I could fly and told me to jump off of a 4 story building, when I resisted the tactic changed to have me O.D. which I did, ...why do you think there are so many deaths in the drug culture?

Also from a Biblical stand point, why do you think God ordained for drug users, when found, to be put to death immediately?

An ever bigger question is why would you want to even study the occult or demonology for over 30 years, that just proves you are not informed because if you had any first hand experience you wouldn't want anything to do with them, ...they are evil in it's purest form.

I thank the Lord for His intervention in my life on that dreadful night, the terror I felt and experienced, I don't have any words in my vocabulary that could/would even come close to describing it, and I thank my Lord for showing me He has defeated the world of darkness Col 2:15 on the Cross, we have a poor soul that is being held prisoner by the enemy we need to be showing him the Light and praying for him rather than telling him what he is experiencing is not real, ...if we haven't experienced it ourselves.




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Smoked a little weed back in the 70s, never dropped acid or done hard drugs. Alcohol has always been my intoxicant of choice.

"study the occult or demonology for over 30 years, that just proves you are not informed"

Nothing could be farther from the truth. You are confusing "study of" with "participation in".
Yes, they are pure evil. In this world, ignorance of the enemy is his greatest asset. I have studied this because
I REFUSE TO BE IGNORANT. I have a obsessive drive to know what the truth is behind the goings on in the world.
I search out the truth myself because men are liars, and are often confused by myth and hearsay.

Just because testimony is sincere does not in any way imply that it is accurate.
Bro, sounds like you never got past the laughing feel good stage (and you should Praise the Lord for that), ...when America went to space NASA discovered we are living in ten different dimensions, the ones we are cognizant of on a daily basis are the dimensions of length, width, height and a half a dimension of time, we can go forward, but we can't go back. This is confirmed in the Bible, such as the story of the servant of Elisha having his eyes opened to see the Angels protecting them, also Jesus hinted at this when He referred to the Kingdom of God being in our midst.

What I have read, from people that study these things, is with what is called hallucinogenic drug use the user actually experiences a rip or tear in the fabric of the time-space continuum and it has been measured or detected, we called it coming on, one moment everything is normal and then there is a shift or ripple in the air and there they are, waiting for us, ...that's why I called it a door to another dimension.

Paul also made reference to this, I'm not suggesting he took drugs, but when he said they can transform themselves into angels of light, ...when we first met them they were pleasant and smiling, encouraging, but when they had us in their trap they changed into their real hideous selves.

Their presence is becoming more and more apparent in the Apostate church, we have been in churches where they practiced hypnotism, hypnotizing the people, which makes them open to the power of suggestion and calling it slain in the spirit, I'm certain you have seen on TV those that knock people over by pointing at them with their finger or blowing on them, that too is a demonic force, and every time this happens I can sense a door opening, a ripple or shift in the air, when we are teaching children and this happens in the sanctuary, immediately the children are affected, they will become agitated, start hitting one another, talking out loud, any number of disruptions, we have learned to have some brother and sisters there with us to pray and restore calm while pandemonium is breaking out in the sanctuary.

I don't like talking about this stuff, but sometimes people need to be aware of what it is, ...especially when it's being passed off as the moving of the Holy Spirit, ...that's blasphemy!




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"Bro, sounds like you never got past the laughing feel good stage"
Why the pointless ad hominem attack? What do you feel that you accomplish with such meaningless statements?

"NASA discovered we are living in ten different dimensions"
I'm sorry, but that is pure nonsense.

"from people that study these things, is with what is called hallucinogenic drug use the user actually experiences a rip or tear in the fabric of the time-space continuum and it has been measured or detected"

People who do hard drugs are anything but reliable. There is no such thing as a "rip in the time space continuum", lay off the drugs and comic books. Drugs like LSD inhibit signal transfer at the synapse, thus shutting off the brain from much of the body.
Since the brain is not getting it's normal info it starts making crap up, thus the "hallucinations".
Hey bro, believe what you want to believe or don't want to believe, if you don't want to believe NASA, no problemo, as for what happens with hallucinogenic drug use, if you don't want to believe what scientific research has found, no problemo either, ...It's like you are telling a pilot how to fly his plane and you have never been in the cockpit, ...I wanted to know what happened to me so I did the research, I read the same books with the same conclusions as you have, but I wasn't convinced, ...then after I was born again I found Christian resources, what I have written has come from very well known, reputable Christian men.

...I thought it was you that said, "I REFUSE TO BE IGNORANT!"

I refuse to argue with you over this trivial matter, when there is a precious soul that Jesus loves and died for reaching out for help!


Hi Jon. Welcome and I hope you are blessed here.

The first thing I want to say is to stop talking so much about the devil. Talking about his power is like glorifying his power. People don't need to be built up in knowledge of the devil, they need to be built up in practicing walking in God's Spirit moment by moment where true real power is. I want you to understand that every believer in God is infinitely, eternally, completely in every way more powerful than all evil combined. Again, every believer is infinitely, eternally, completely, in every way more powerful than all evil combined. Words have power as energy being manifested. They are either words of faith in God or words from negativity which is not of God. However, the power from words when someone is fully submitted in God's Spirit is so great that it like comparing Satan (who is like an atom of power if even that much) to God's power (which is like infinite of power). As a believer the only power Satan has is that which someone gives through unbelief and fear. God has true faith and in His Spirit He provides that true faith and power for His believers.

Speaking of Jesus the bible says, "having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile to us; and He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. 15When He had disarmed the rulers and authorities, He made a public display of them, having triumphed over them through Him" (Colossians 2:15).

Jesus fully defeated Satan and made a spectacle of him and all those under Satan.

So what does that mean? Be built up in God. Satan is a defeated, embarrassed loser. I fully agree with JustPassingThru. Someone who is saved is a new creation and is fully washed by the blood of Jesus. I understand you have attended a church, however getting exorcised doesn't mean salvation. Do you know that what Jesus did by being tortured and dying on the cross was payment for your sins? Do you know that with the burial of Jesus your sin self was also buried as well. Do you know that a believer by faith is risen in the risen Christ and that is how they are a new creation. They are a new creation because they are now alive in righteous Jesus. They are no longer living according to their old self, but they live by the righteousness of God.

If you are saved and even if your not take JustPassingThru's advice. Consistently read your bible, speak the verses out loud as reality by faith. I am a new creation in Christ. Speak it out loud as truth and over all voices. Don't listen to Satanic voices at all. Don't listen to lies. God wants you listening to truth. Speak God's truth. I am washed in the blood of Jesus. All my thoughts and emotions are washed in the blood of Jesus. All my faith, hope, trust, and belief is in God. All my dreams, visions, focusing and thoughts are from God. Speak truth not lies for everything of Satan like doubt, deception, fear, discouragement, etc. is a lie.

"we are more than conquerors through him who loved us" (Romans 8:37). Say, "I am more than a conqueror through him who loved me. I don't want to make it confusing and give you to many affirmations, pick what you want, but when the blood of Jesus is included with faith their is great power in the affirmation. You are a new creation. Speak it.

Please let me know if you understand the gospel and have Jesus as your savior.

God bless you with wisdom, peace, love, and joy from God's Holy Spirit.
Olivia thanks for your post its the first one that really spoke to me. All the others seemed to say I abused hallucinagins which isn't true. "As a believer the only power Satan has is that which someone gives through unbelief and fear." This is probably the best way to put it. I have recently bought a bible and have been reading it almost every night and yes I know Jesus is my savior and my life has been saved. I don't fully expect anyone to believe this if they haven't lived through it, but all of this is true and isn't due to a damaged brain. Thanks for your post it spoke to me a lot.


Olivia thanks for your post its the first one that really spoke to me. All the others seemed to say I abused hallucinagins which isn't true. "As a believer the only power Satan has is that which someone gives through unbelief and fear." This is probably the best way to put it. I have recently bought a bible and have been reading it almost every night and yes I know Jesus is my savior and my life has been saved. I don't fully expect anyone to believe this if they haven't lived through it, but all of this is true and isn't due to a damaged brain. Thanks for your post it spoke to me a lot.

This is true. Nothing can stay and hurt you but through fear. Weapons are formed, look scary, give bad reports, but it shall not come neigh us but through fear. Fear is unbelief in what God said.
This is true. Nothing can stay and hurt you but through fear. Weapons are formed, look scary, give bad reports, but it shall not come neigh us but through fear. Fear is unbelief in what God said.

Wanna test that?

I'll pay for your plane ticket to Tehran,

you go with your bible and evangelize the Muslims the moment you arrive in the airport.
I have to say that I have known "cases" both personally and in my work life, where crystal meth, particularly ( or any of the street names of "speed"), all of which are able to pass the blood brain filter can exactly mimic (scientific studies included) mental illness and cause long lasting effects. Last I looked into it (ages ago) the scientific side seemed to think that the changes were permanent. So, I have to go along with Gene, that it is important to go with Gene's advice of washing any beliefs arrived at by Jon, by way of his "talks" with demons, with the blood of Christ.
I, too, think that drug use can open a portal to evil. What comes to mind is a book I read long ago: Carlos Castenada's "A Yagui Way of Knowledge" or one of the series, that thru drug use, Castenada was shown "the son of man" while Castenada was under drug influence, showing that figure as "useless/uncaring" about man.
Jon - let go of the things shown to you by the demonic because it was sculpted by evil. You have alredy learned you cannot fight evil alone - so get God with you and His power will release you.