How to find peace?

Looking out for our own interest dose not bring us peace of mind. On the contrary it makes us anxious, fearful, envious and revengeful. Similarly, science and technology does not save us from the turmoil within our heart or from mortality. On the other hand if have faith in God’s unconditional love, we will focus on the well beings of others. We will therefore love others unconditionally; heal those who hurt and betray us, and forgive them repeatedly (Matt. 18:22); give to everyone who asks of us and not demand back what they have taken from us; (Luke 6:27-37); with humility of mind regard others as more important than ourselves; look for the interest of others (Philippians 2:3-4); quietly bear each other’s burdens; be a servant to our fellow human beings; serve others without expecting anything in return; consider the opportunity to serve others as a gift from God; and be faithful to our marriage vows (even when there is hurt, betrayal and infidelity) just as God is faithful to us (Hosea 3:1). This type of love frees us of hate, envy, revenge, fear, anxiety and lust. We will therefore, never lose hope or have self-pity; never resort to retaliation or violence; and will have peace and joy in our heart. Furthermore, true love can’t die because it is unconditional. Therefore if true love is our life, our life will be immortal.