How to Pray for Friends who are getting Famous?

How to Pray for Friends who are getting Famous?

I'm very happy to say that I have a few good friends who are finally making it in the music business as artists...especially without the help of major record labels. Who knew that one day their songs would get played on the radio and that they're touring across the country to entertain their fans?

So my question is, what are the things I should be praying for my friends? They're the most humble people I know, but should I pray that the fame won't get to their heads?

Any ideas would be great! :smiley160:
I'd say to just pray that they'll use whatever success may come to them for the glory of God instead of for selfish means. Pray that they have, and continue to receive, wisdom and also that they keep their humility.

You could also put this into the Prayer Requests section so that others can help you :)

Hope I helped!