How To Surrender To God?

Can you list ways too, I'm learning up on patiences.. and found out that some key points in being patient are calmess, surrending to God and focusing on him while you wait.. as well as having a positive attitude..while you do it and no complaining.. lol ( feel free to add more from your exps :) w patience)

The others seem doable ...but total surrender to God ..when i think abt it makes me want to cry xD lol but i need to do it.. idk when I'm in control I either feel good (b/c I'm doinv what I want..watching degrassi or dancemoms) or really scared ( b/c i let fear control.. i deal w/ anxiety : P)

Either way i need to know how to surrender. physically and mentally.... I'm sry its soo long..but thnx for reading and helping xoxo.
When i say mentally.. this is what I mean. I feel that if you give up control you'll feel at peace... how do i feel those feelings.. b/c when I do it feel frudtrated.. well i guess this would be emotionally. rather than mentally

EDIT: I posted this earlier in fellowship, but I originally meant to post it here.. and I kinda wanted a bit more answers : 3