Howdy from a newby

Howdy from a newby

I'm Tim White, with a monicker of II Timothy. I am a pastor of a small Baptist church in West Texas. I attended Jacksonville Baptist College, Dallas Baptist University and Mary-Harden University. I received my Bachelors of Theology in Christian Counseling from Christian Bible College, Rocky Mount, NC. I was saved when I was 13, surrendered to preach when I was 14. I have written a book that is due out very shortly, "A Single Heart", a christian novel about ha high school athlete. I am married to Laura and have one son, Ryan, who was born with Spina Bifida. I served as a monitor/administrator for for many years and oversaw their forum for about three years. Glad to be here.


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Hello Pastor Tim,
Its great to know you and started preaching at a young age. I think God has more to do from you and your son. Nothings impossible for Him. You'll have to devote more time in prayer. I hope this forum encourages you :) .
God bless you
Welcome to the forums, Pastor Tim! It's great to meet you! You do have quite a testimony. May God bless you and your ministries.

I hope you enjoy it here!

In Christ,



welcome! You sound like someone is really nice. Perhaps you could join me for a debate in the debating section? I am a Muslim.
Welcome to this forum!


Welcome to the Christian Forum Site. As a father, I invite you to join us in the Family and Parenting site! As a dad with a special son I am sure you have great insights and perspectives to share with us.

God bless,