New here! Also somewhat new to Jesus. Well, He is to me, I'm not new to Him LOL!

Glad to be here!:)


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Thank you Jesus for all the new brothers and sisters in Christ. Welcome to the family. We look forward to hearing from you.

Be blessed,

it is great to have ya here with us!
Welcome to CFS, one of the best Christian forums on the Web if you ask me.

I am so thrilled to hear that you've given your heart to the Lord. If you keep serving him, praying and reading His word, you are going to be amazed as He works in your life! It's an exciting time for you! God is so awesome and the longer you're with Him, the more you'll see just what I'm talking about!

So happy you could join us! Praise be to God!:jesus-sign:
Hi FG21 im JG27. Hope you like to fly! cuz we do.

hey I saved ya a seat on the plane to heaven. It's our Angel plane. We got unlimited seating and everybody gets a window seat.

The stewardess' are dressed in all white with halos on thier head. The main course for the trip is The Bread of life, and for drinks we are serving Living Water. We got pillows made of clouds to rest your head during the trip.Piloting this vessel is Jesus. I'm his copilot. :cool::D No need for emergency equipment, this vessele has never crashed in 2000 years:D So hop aboard and enjoy the ride to our next destination HEAVEN.

Welcome my friend. Hey I live in WA also. bremerton

Chili out.