Was asked to write a New Members post. Just a single Christian guy, recently graduated college, living and working. Figured a good online Christian community would be a positive thing. Just growing and walking with Him, daily. By His grace, I had good friends who extended His love towards me and introduced me to Jesus. I grew slowly, taking two steps forward, one step back. I just bask in His love, and know everything is okay. Not sure what else to write, any questions just send a personal message!

Thanks for your time.
Hey there. Welcome to the best Christian Forum bar none. (Even better than my own). Glad you're here and how to hear often from you. You'll learn and be blessed on this site. God Bless!
Hi there! So happy you found us. This is an awesome place to continue to grow with the Lord. I know I have.

Looking forward to hearing more from you,

Blessings, Cheri