Howzit, dudes?

Howzit, dudes?

Hey dear readers,

My name is Russ, and I joined for some online fellowship.

I work as an inspector, and lately God has given me work traveling around North America, mostly inspecting on oil refineries and chemical plants.

The downside is that I'm not in the same place all the time.

Just looking to make some new acquaintances I can take with me, so to speak. especially the Christian ones, and we can sharpen each other and inspire each other to a closer walk with Jesus.

Look forward to reading from you,
Hi Russ, great to have you with us on CFS. One of the good things about this site is that we are from all over the world, but we can meet together in fellowship.



welcome to the site!

Wonderful to have you with us here, hope ya feel at home. There are so many wonderful brother's and sister's here, and lots of love for the LORD!