Hurricane Shutters

I looked and yes, they have awesome products like the glass~
We don't have hurricanes where I live but it's always good to know, just in case.


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As I mentioned in another posting area of the Forum some time ago, I have seen these products in action in various places along the Gulf Coast and southern Atlantic Coast. They work as advertised and are a much better alternative to just using plywood.

When our Chaplain Responders go in to a post hurricane devastation area and see 10 foot long 2 X 4 lumber driven right through a 15 inch Royal Palm tree trunk, THAT is what destroys property... debris driven by 150 MPH+ winds. These shutters and other products from the company are rated for high energy impact and definately do the job.


I notice that they are located in Florida- do they ship these products? I wonder if these can be install by an individual?

Pastor Gary

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They ship to anyone and YOU then have the installation done by a local installer or do-it-yourself by FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER.

Quoting from their website:
Hurricane Shutters, Empire Construction Adversising stated:

Shipping Hurricane Shutters

We will deliver orders located in North Miami-Dade, Broward, and Southern Palm Beach County for $125. Orders must be over $500.00 for delivery. Orders can be picked up from our warehouse at:

10871 NW 52nd St., Suite 1
Sunrise, FL 33351

We will ship hurricane shutters to any location nationwide. The shipping freight charges are determined by the weight, length and distance of travel. On the average, the cost for shipping is approximately $220 per order. (this of course depends on the size and weight.)

For International orders, we will deliver to your recommended export shipper.

All orders are boxed and crated for shipping to ensure they are not damaged.

Small orders can be shipped via UPS if they are less than 7 feet long and weigh less than 150 pounds.

Any additional hardware, not included in the order, is shipped via UPS. The shipping fee for hardware is determined by weight, size and distance ($6.95 - 13.95). We will also ship the hardware United States Postal Service upon request.

All orders must be inspected upon delivery. Damages and Shortages must be noted on the freight bill. If you have any problems upon delivery, please contact us immediately.
Items back-ordered or not shipped with original order will be shipped when available.
We ship to the following regions:
Anguilla - Antigua & Barbuda - Aruba - The Bahamas - New Providence - Grand Bahama - Abaco - Out Islands - Barbados - Belize - Bermuda - Bonaire - British Virgin Islands - Tortola - Virgin Gorda - Cayman Islands - Cuba - Curaçao - Dominica - Dominican Republic - Grenada - Guadeloupe - Guyana - Haiti - Jamaica - Kingston - Montego Bay - Negril - Ocho Rios - Port Antonio - South Coast - Martinique - Mexico - Cancun - Montserrat - Puerto Rico - Saba - St Barts - St Eustatius - St Kitts & Nevis - St Lucia - St Maarten - St Martin - St Vincent - Suriname - Trinidad & Tobago - Turks & Caicos - US Virgin Islands - St Thomas - St Croix -
St John - Belize - Guatemala - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Honduras - Panama - El Salvador - Mexico

We also ship to most other countries.
Call Today: 954-474-3557 or 1-888-474-3555

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