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In Christian Reader Jim Corley tells of a conversation he had with a friend named Alex who attended his church. Alex was struggling over his many failures to live the Christian life the way he knew he should. One day they met at the car dealership where Alex worked. Corley writes:

That day in his office Alex got straight to the point. "Jim, I feel like a hypocrite every time I go to church because I fail to live for Christ so often."
"Alex, what do you all this part of the dealership?" I asked, nodding to the area outside his cubicle.
"You mean the showroom?"
I smiled. "Yes. And what's behind the showroom, past the parts counter?"
"The service department," Alex said confidently.
"What if I told you I didn't want to bring my car to the service department because it was running rough?"
"That would be crazy! That's the whole point of service departments---to fix cars that aren't running right."
"You're absolutely right," I replied. "Now, lets get back to our initial conversation. Instead of thinking of church as a showroom where image is everything, start thinking of it as God's service department. Helping people get back in running order with God is what the church is all about."

Church, Discipleship, failure, Guilt, Obedience, Sin
Matt. 9:9-13; 1 John 1:7-10