I Am Third

I agree with you.
I would narrow it down to God, My husband, my children, all others and self.
You know, some people don't realize The Bible teaches us to put all others before ourselves.
We are to serve others!

While out knocking on doors for the Lord one day many years ago, I came across a couple who as soon as I was in their presence I felt the Holy Spirit. I felt foolish asking them if they were saved, because I just KNEW they were since the power of the Holy Spirit was SO strong.

The man assured me that he and his wife knew the Lord, but that was no surprise. They were the happiest couple I have ever come across. The reason for it was that he put his wife's happiness ahead of his own; she put his happiness ahead of her own, and they both put Jesus Christ ahead of themselves.
God Is First

Everyone Else In The World Is Second. Everyone.

I Am Third.

I agree with what you are trying to say but as a psychologist and a Christian I must caution you.
Remember Jesus said 'Love your neighbour as you love yourself'
He assumed you would love yourself because if you dislike yourself I feel sorry for your neighbour.
Christians tend to suffer very low self estem. This is not glorifying to the Lord.
He loves.
He values you.
He died for you.
The enemy wants Christians to go around saying that they are worthless rubbish.
Jesus said you are not worthless you were worth His life.
An excellent book is Josh McDowell 'His Image My Image'
Hi Ray~
I do see what you are saying and agree that many Christians do suffer from low self esteem.
If Christians realized fully how much Christ loves them, would they still?
Nothing brings me more joy than helping and giving to others.
Serving God and others gives me a real feeling of purpose and fulfillment.