I asked God......


I asked God......

I asked God...
I asked God why I wasn't rich.
He showed me a man with the wealth of a thousand kings,
who was lonely, and had no one to share it with.
I asked God why I wasn't beautiful.
H e showed me a woman more beautiful than any other,
who was ugly because of her vanity.
I asked God why He'd allowed me to become old.
Heshowed me a boy of 16,who lay dead at the scene of a car accident.
I asked God why I didn't have a bigger house.
H e showed me a family of six,
who had just been evicted from their tiny shack,
and were forced, to live on the street.
I asked God why I had to work.
He showed me a man, who couldn't find a decent job,
because he'd never learned to read.
I asked God why I wasn't more popular.
He showed me a socialite with a thousand friends,
who all left the moment the money and parties were no longer there.
I asked God why I wasn't smarter.
H e showed me a natural born genius,
serving life in prison for making ill use of his knowledge.
Iasked God why He put up with a thankless sinner like me.
He showed me His Bible.He showed me His Sonwho took my place at the judgment.
I knew then how much He loved me.
What's eating you today?
Are your problems weighing heavy on your heart?
Know, then, that you are loved.
Have a WONDERFUL day!
Then brighten someone else's day, in any way you care to.
Remember, a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.
Just reach out and touch someone's life and brighten up his or her day.
I've Been Through The Storm, But Look At Me I'm Still Standing, I'm Still Here.........
If it doesn't kill you... it will make you stronger.


Very touching, very true~
We only need to open our eyes to see all we are truly blessed with~



No problem Charlie.

Thank you YHVH for the blessing of mercy and thank you Dusty for feeding it to us. Focusing on the true perspective daily can be a humbling expierence.