I do free webhosting for christian

I do free webhosting for christian

my Free christian webhosting
im doing free christian webhosting with Cpanel 11
mysql , php 4 and 5
50mb or 100mb of space.
bandwidth of 500mb or 1gb.
unlimited email list and email
unlimited subdomain
no advertisement or obligation
server located in USA
Fantastico is included

anyone need free christian hosting just contact me with evident that its for God's glory but not for your own gain.

i operate a small server for my own small venture and this is done for you free so do not comment like slow support.
im just going to make sure your server is up with no problem.

Other things you have to deal it yourself.

i Have been seeking for free christian hosting in the past. but everyone seems to be commercial.

for me, i will have zero advertisement on yoursite or mine. no links, i wont even tell you what my web business is about because i wanna make sure, i wont get any profit from this and its only for God.

100mb is enough since forum software phpbb3 is only 3mb
Joomla is only 6mb.

if you need more space its negotiable but i will try to keep the size small so that i can help as many people as i can.

im a new christian but this is what i feel is God's mission for me.
whats the catch? i need prayers for me and my family and for my friends family.

This is what i felt is what God want me to do

i wont register domain for you , although i have a enom account, you should just point your domain to my DNS.
because i want to make sure i dont earn anything from this.
I have a question


do you think it's sinful for you to receive any profit? If profit is involved, does this mean it's not for God's glory?

In Him,