I do Not Live Anymore .


I do Not Live Anymore .

When God gets in to our lives we can say " I do not live any more - it is Christ who lives in me . That I think is a literal translation of Galations 2:20 .

We all have things to do for the Lord . He gives each of us different assignments . It may be just helping a neibour , or giving of our time in a food bank . What ever the task we need to do it all with thanks giving in our hearts and a smile on our face.

I like what Max Lucado says and I quote : What a hand is to the glove, the Spirit is to the Christian . God gets into us . At times imperceptibly . Other times , disruptively . God gets His fingers into our lives , inch by inch reclaiming the territory that is rightfully His.

Your tongue he claims for His message .

Your feet He requistions them for His purpose .

Your mind ? He made it and intends to use it for His glory .

Your eyes , face and hands ? Through them he will weep , smile , and touch .