I feel Jesus coming..........

Apr 18, 2009
Metro Manila
I feel Jesus coming..........

I feel Jesus coming on me,
He is here at this hour,
His promise he will never forsake me,
Me being a sinner, how can it be?

Lord you are the forgiver of sin,
Help me to open my heart and come in,
I know that I'll never be the same,
You came and healed the lame,
Your hand healed the blind,
Thro your Grace you had me on your mind.

Since you have come into my life,
I have been taken away from this strife,
My heart now full of your love,
Come and settle on me like a dove.

You have taken me from my sorrow,
I know my life will change today, not tomorrow,
Lord you are here I feel you,
Jesus you have made me new.
ramon 28/2/09