I have a friend

I have a friend


I have a friend,
He was born in a stable,
He grew up knowing right from wrong,
He would teach older men,
Help me to understand,
The words you have spoken,
He said He loves me,
No matter what I've done,
His forgiving heart I don't understand,
All the pain that is on me,
He will take me from where I stand.

All the strife all the torment,
Will fade away,
He will show me the way,
He healed the blind, the lame,
The poor became rich in love,
They were never the same,
God's spirit rested on Him like a dove,
His love for me is never ending.

They accused him, they spat on him,
He was beaten, He was cursed,
They hung him on that tree,
He was left to die,
He said to forgive them,
He showed me the way,
They took him down,
There were who did frown.

He was put in a grave,
Lock him in, the order they gave,
They saw the stone rolled away,
He was gone,
My friend had risen from the dead,
Jesus the Son of God is his name,
Come to him now, you wont be the same,
My friend is waiting for you,
He will make you new.
written by ramon 22/4/09