I have a question

I have a question

Ok, why does my cat scratch itch when it starts to heal? I know this is dumb but I just need to know.:smiley60:
hmmm, sis i don't know really, sometimes cuts and scrapes do itch on me as they heal, the tissue around it can be inflammed slightly, or it could be bit of scarring occuring. If it looks really red, is painful or has any type of drainage, it might be infected. I like Bactracin on cuts or natural honey, it really helps.
Hope it feels better soon sis..

oh yeah, had to tell ya this one, my grandma has this kitten i am in love with. he lloks like garfeild and i named it Cheeze-It. hehe, well it is the sweetest thing but for some reson thinks i am a tree, and the other day it jumped me from behind and it's lil razor claws got hung in my back:0 ohhh that hurt,lol.!!

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Hey, Tavy, I think that would be your skin speaking, or giggling when God touches it to heal it. It's really just a tingling as our nerves take on new skin, nothin' seriously wrong with it, just a sign it is healing.
I have a 3 month old kitten that scratches and bites me all over, and I am itching all the time! Like New2Christ said, just make sure it doesn't get infected!
Hey yall, my scratch is doing so much better. I put some bacitracin on it and it made the itchies all go away. Thank you for all the answers.
GBU Tavy

I think the OP says she was scratched by a cat and the healing scratch itches

but everyone seems to think her cat got scratched

Am I the one who has misunderstood?

Doesn't matter, I already got a good laugh!!!