I love this!


Jun 28, 2010
I love this!

I love to give my problems to God.
Because He seems to love fixing them.
Any chance we give Him to fix something, He seems to be right on it...
All we need to do is leave the problem with God and only do what He tells us to do and ignore our own "I wanna fix this" fleshy thought.
My car blew up, I had some money in the bank to buy a new one...
But only enough money to get a cheap car, I knew that I was taking a risk by buying anything...
So I decided that God could fix it and I just didnt even look for a new car (If I saw one on the side of the road, I went up to look at it and did tell people I was looking for a car)
I kinda felt like the new car would be obvious when it came so I just waited..
2 Days passed and a car pulled in to the driveway, they wanted the exact amount of money I had for the car and it was EVERYTHING I need right now in a car with my job and so on.
I took it for a test run and it ran really good. There was only one thing I didn't like about it and that was it is a type of car I have never liked...

I still fill God played the major part in this, it all just seemed to fit to perfectly, everything went right, even sold my old car for a good price to help cover the few things that need fixing on the new car...

I love how God loves our problems, any chance we give Him to show He is there, He takes..
We just need to back off sometimes and only do what God wants us to do instead of trying to fix it ourselves... (Not nothing, just listen to what He tells you on your heart)