I need help finding a bible quote

I need help finding a bible quote

There is a bible quote that I am thinking of but I can not recall where it is from right now. Which is why I made this topic so that if anyone needs help remembers which part of the bible a quote is from they could be helped :D

I am not sure if I am phrasing it right but I think it is something like " He who helps me, but does not follow my will, is not with me."
Well, you could be speaking of two diverse groups Jesus dealt with-

1- The Religious Leaders of the Sanhedrin- while they were Christians, they were "puffed up" prideful, which is why Jesus said these things- Those who believe will be first, will be last. "The blind leading the blind". "Do as they say, bt not as they do".

These were all stated of them, because they considered themselves above all others being leaders. They also because of that, spoke the Truth, but never lived it themselves. And Third- They did alot of religious stuff out in public to try and claim they were so great.

Second Group-

Unsaved people who demonstrate a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof". In other words, they have a great "head knowledge" of God's Word, but still have no clue about Salvation and rebirth in God thru Christ.

They can serve God all thier lives, only to die condemned to Hell, never learning of or accepting True Salvation.

God Bless!!