I realy-realy need God

I realy-realy need God

When we need God , We are not just come and ask God's help. It's mean an action to know and follow God. When we love
God then we will be known by God. So we must see , are there the seeds of love in our lives? Is there a spirit to know God it landed in the our spirit ?

Zacchaeus has given us examples of that things. Christianity must had to be like Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus have a similarity between the act and heart and not concerned with his own fortune. Zacchaeus not surrendered to see Jesus even though he had the short body. Finaly God is truly interested will Zacchaeus and immediately called his name, although at the time
the crowd was a lot of people want to see Jesus.

With the example of Zacchaeus , then we must have the seeds of love which can arise in our heart.

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Jesus love you
Jesus saved my life
Jesus save me
We all need God and , need to seek Him seek Him every day in prayer , reading of His Word and following His voice. I need Him every hour , every moment , every second.