I Survived The Eighties Says Hello

Hi eveyone, thanks for allowing me to post in your forums. I want to hang out with other christians, i tried to find a christian forum in New Zealand and couldn't find one! This site where i am guessing is Australian based seem the only place so here i am.(y)
Welcome to here. So you're a Kiwi? They make the best Meat Pies I have ever had over there.
We have a varied community, there a people from almost everywhere. People from a number of different denominational flavours too. We have a few self opinionated people such as myself:rolleyes:, but by and large we get on OK(y)
I am in the Waikato too or near about more closer to Coromandel area. Ive been recovering from a Brain Tumor OP 12 days ago. So far so good. Just turned 49 last yr. The big half century coming up!
Well im just glad its over, i never bother going into town to watch the racing now,use to religiously for 5yrs straight, the side cars and British/ US bike races were the best. When those side cars lost control you made sure u got out of the way quick!

rob aston

get me on a side car, no way hosea! great to hear back, thought it was me haha....not racing-follower really, the screaming noise at a track by the airport in tamahere put me right off