i,ve watched some dribble


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i,ve watched some dribble

God tv what crock of rubbish,quote can you make God,s dream come to reality donate your money now........does anybody take these bums seriosly.?:eek:
brother in college we are studying a tribe which said a long time ago that Gold has no purpose if it's only to collect it, it should be shared. Gold is not worth it if we have no one to share it with. therefore let us share it.
indeed that tribe was right


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program on cable and satellite going out to a lot of countries.casts us in a bad light.money mad muppets.

Denadii Cho

I detest televangelists.

LOL Oh.. I see. Its just another pathetic attempt the enemy is doing to make God look silly. He's still using the only thing he's got. Lies.

Well look at it this way. If we walk in the Spirit as He is in the Spirit we win no matter what. We will be know by our fruits. We will be sought after because what we have works. Nothing the enemy can bring up works. Nothing the world can bring up works. Only God works. And He is ours and we are His.
Of course we have to walk in Love, and not in the flesh. We have to walk in the Spirit and not in our head knowledge.
We have to walk in obedience to Him and not to him. grin.

Faith worketh by Love.

TV preachers? Ryan you're right, there are a lot of charlatans out there. On the other hand there are a lot of good tv preachers too. Billy Graham was one for example.