Ice Age?

Ice Age?

I ran across this little tidbit from Time Magazine:

"As they review the bizarre and unpredictable weather pattern of the past several years, a growing number of scientists are beginning to suspect that many seemingly contradictory meteorological fluctuations are actually part of a global climatic upheaval. However widely the weather varies from place to place and time to time, when meteorologists take an average of temperatures around the globe they find that the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades. The trend shows no indication of reversing. Climatological Cassandras are becoming increasingly apprehensive, for the weather aberrations they are studying may be the harbinger of another ice age."

Time Magazine
July 24, 1974


Between the global warming and the global cooling we will come out just right!:D
Isn't this just another temptation like the first in the garden of Eden.
To take a bite from the fruit that causes us to imagine the "possibilities" instead of walking side by side with God.
Eating from the tree of knowledge makes us feel like we know something when really we know less
Don't know that I would say that. The knowledge we are empowered with not only saves lives, it also allows us to have perhaps the best translations of the original books than at any other time in history.


God does everything in order- He gives us order
1Th 5:23 :

The spirit communes with God's Spirit- this is were He speaks to us, leads us, guides us, fills us , etc- the human soul ( mind, intellect and emotion)is a wonderful thing and God gives it to us for a reason- it is a marvelous thing when used in submission to the spirit God imparts creativity, wisdom and knowledge for He is the Father of all such things- to be a person who lives with the soul or body in control is to be a person who falls short of any real understanding- knowledge without Christ is knowledge without wisdom- that is folly- but under His guidance there is truly no limit to what we can accomplish!
Ice Age

I do not know if you have paid any attention to the articles about the "Gulf Stream"
For a long time the scientists thought that the warm water carried north - north-east from Florida just spread out around the Artic Ocean north of Britain and Norway.
Now they are calling it a "conveyor belt" ably illustrated in the recent BBC documentary - I love those graphics.
It apparently sinks down to the bottom of the sea around about Iceland and then travels south again along the sea bed to the Florida area. Where, of course it heats up again and, surprisingly, heads north - east again.
Research has shown that it has stopped several times in the past few million years and they are afraid too much fresh water from the melting glaciers and ice up north will interrupt it.
Apparently the stoppage can take as little as a week.
I live on the same latitude as Churchill on the Hudson Bay and yet experience a moderately pleasant climate - actually, too cold, to wet, too windy for my likeing - the plain of Buchan.
It would mean we probably head from a winter into a more severe winter.
1812 was known as the year with no summer No wonder poor Napoleon had a hard time trying to defeat the Russians. Never mind about getting back home again.
In fact when the doctor was leaving the house after visiting my wife he said "Whenever will summer come."
I replied, "It may be another 1812."
"The year without a summer." he replied instantly - it is strange that you always like people who think like yourself.
THEY must be brainy?
This year we are having at 57 degrees north four seasons in one day. Earlier in the year the trees were so distraught that leaves were turning brown and falling at the same time as new buds were appearing.
Th "Mayflower" came into bloom at the same time as "Snow in summer." when they should have flowered two or three months apart.
If nature is all mixed up what hope is there for us.
God bless all
:) :) :)


Change is natural- nature is always in a state of flux- I was reading an article by a scientist that says we are beggining to expierience a shift in the magnetic poles- he claims that this is a process that happens periodically and changes all the weather patterns but who knows- interesting theory though.
i watched this about the magnetic fields changing.does this mean the water in my sink will go the other way.i stir my cup of tea anticlock wise,makes a better cuppa.


It basically means that the ozone depletion around the poles will spread as the fields scatter and the planet will not be protected from ultraviolet radiation as things shift-
If my memory serves me right I believe that several decades ago they dtected from the magnetism in the rocks of the Sahara that the North Pole was once there????
Opps, There goes my pen floating to the ceiling again.
Smellycat, why is it that the British always think of making tea when they think there is a problem?
It uis said that it infuriated General Rommel that when he least expected it the Eighth Army always stopped to "brew up" when he least expected it and that is what defeated him???????
God bless and keep you all - then the magnetic poles can do what they want.
:) :) :)

Pastor Gary

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Reekie: your memory is fairly good... the earth's magnetic centers, poles and the various intersecting fields have all been in different locations MANY times over the earth's history.

If you want more info, this official PBS site is a good resource, so please click on all of the topic links as you have time:
YOU will NOT believe this but I was always bawled out by my father for stiring my tea anti-clockwise.
He said that I was going against the sun.
All the predecessers I know of were fishermen and fisherwomen and you have to live among them to believe just how superstitious they are.
On their boats you could not say many words, for example, pig, salmon rabbit and many others get them all het up!
You would be blamed for their next fishing being bad.
If you asked a fisherman for a match to light anything on a Monday morning he would probably turn and go back home and not go to the boat that day.
If he met a Church Minister on his way to his boat the same thing happened.
Our new ministers, having never been in a fishing port before they often went down to watch the boats sailing out and coming back in again.
Then they were quietly taken into the vestry where some of the "Old Saints" of the church would just tell them that that was just not on. They were ruining the whole fleet's fishing.
I remarked to one minister that the reason that fisherfolk were so religious was that they were so superstitious.
"You might be right there." was his quiet reply.
When wireless sets were first fitted to fishing boats they used to hold community hymn singing between the boats which we could all pick up on the "Trawler Band: 120 metres" hundred of miles from home.
One skipper even took a harmonium on his boat to add spice to the music.
Then the dreaded wrath of Whitehall Descended on them in the form of letters stating that they were in breach of the "Wireless and Telegraphic Communication Act of 1066" or something like that and were liable to be fined and go to jail if they did not refrain from singing and speaking to their families ashore.
No wonder generation after generation always say the old days were the best.
God Bless You
:) :)
superstition ,no.old ways were better that they actually talked.get rid of the bad and you will come up with good.i leave my doors unlocked and fear nobody.but im young.i dont get scared because i trust God.i laugh at evil and mock evil.i know we are controlled in a way by spirit.but im trying not to be.