If U.S. Leaves Iraq


If U.S. Leaves Iraq

If US Leaves Iraq, Iranian Troops Could Be on Golan
A leading US Presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama, is opposed to the war in Iraq, and should the United States pull out of Saddam Hussein’s old stronghold, Iran could be capable of placing soldiers on Israel’s northern border says Knesset [Parliament] Member Dr. Yuval Steinitz. Speaking at the Jerusalem Conference in the Jewish capital on February 19, Steinitz gave his thoughts on a general strategic forecast for the region, and though he mentioned Israel being much stronger now than 30 years ago and moving in a very positive direction, the forecast matched the cold, gloomy day outside.

“If America will pull out from Iraq, even if Iraq will remain stable, it seems hard to believe that the Iraqi government, without a stronger military presence, will be able to prevent a land connection between Iran and Syria, especially in the case of war, of general confrontation,” said Steinitz.

“So in a few years’ time it might be the case that in a time of war we shall not only confront the Syrian troops, but also Iranian troops and Iranian weapons systems on the Golan Heights or in Lebanon.” While such a scenario would represent a significant security change for Israel, Steinitz said, “We can prepare for it, we can handle it. But it is not going to be easy, and we have to calculate our doctrine of defense already, today, in order to be able to counter such a development.”

Outside the conventional sphere, Iran’s nuclear potential remains an existential threat for Israel, but though the United States’ intelligence report “caused a lot of damage” by seemingly downplaying the concern, Steinitz feels that the report is almost buried in the past. With recent meetings between Israel and US Senators and Congressmen, Steinitz said he did not notice “any difference between us and our American colleagues” on the Iranian nuclear threat.

Steinitz also listed Arab nations and Iran using their oil revenues to increase their military spending, keying in on weapons acquisition and development in the last two years. Military build up hasn’t missed Syria, who spent US $100–US$200 million annually to import weapons until two years ago. In the last two years, according to Steinitz, that spending is at US $2 billion annually. Israel has trouble keeping the pace on such spending, although they do increase their defense budget, said Steinitz.

The fourth point in his analysis was the use of missiles by Israel’s enemies and the estimate that those will become more accurate in a few years, increasing the risk to strategic Israeli military targets. As for what Israel can do in response to these threats, Steinitz mentioned missile defense systems, and he said that Israel is considering developing an Arrow 3 System for long-range missiles. Developing and using their own missile capability is another way to improve Israel’s position in the possibly gloomy days ahead.

(By Joshua Spurlock, BFP Israel Mosaic Radio, February 19, 2007)

Prayer Focus
Pray Iraq will be divinely protected from becoming a positional pawn in the struggle for power in the Middle East.

“But you, be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded!” (2 Chronicles 15:7)
the outcome is final,better to wage war spiritually than humanly.

I don't believe the two can be seperated SC. The Spiritual directly affects the Physical and the Physical directly affects the Spiritual.
We are both Spiritual and Physical joined together to be one being. one is not more important than the other.